Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment does not involve a residential stay inside a drug or alcohol rehabilitation centre, instead, it gives patients the opportunity to get help for their addiction problem, while staying at home and dealing with their important daily responsibilities such as work or looking after their family.

Patients are required to attend regular daily meetings, in the evening, during the week at the rehabilitation centre, where they will receive medical care, individual counselling and group therapy, similar to what’s done in inpatient treatment.

However, the outpatient program isn’t just for anyone. There are certain requirements that have to be met before an addict can receive this form of treatment.
For example, outpatient treatment does not have detox period, therefore it’s only suitable for those with mild-moderate addiction withdrawal symptoms.
Secondly, the addict has to ‘want’ to recover from their addiction, without the supervision and care of others. This is important because without this motivation, the patient may just continue using drugs or alcohol.

All patients will also be at the mercy of random drug testing, which will ensure that they are staying clean and sober during the time that they are away from the rehab centre.
Patients who are addicted to more than one narcotic substance will also not be allowed to do the outpatient treatment program
The length of outpatient treatment will be determined via an assessment done by an addiction counsellor. For more information about this, contact us now.

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