Avoiding Distractions in Drug Addiction Treatment

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It’s true that even if you are admitted to drug addiction treatment against your will you can still benefit from the program.  People who initially don’t want to be in treatment will be helped to see how their denial is preventing them from seeing the extent of their drug abuse.
By challenging this denial the person addicted to alcohol or other drugs is able to start benefiting from the drug addiction treatment program.
It’s imperative to realise that resisting drug addiction treatment is a part of the illness and that rehab can work even for somebody who resists it!
At the end of the day though, and this is what makes addictions counselling such a tough task, any drug addiction treatment program is just like everything else in life – the more effort you put in the more you will get out.
The task of the addiction treatment consultants is to reframe the patients past experiences and present understanding of their situation to something that could result in a more meaningful engagement with the drug addiction treatment program, and therefore the other parts of their lives.
It is just common sense, if you pay attention to your treatment process you will benefit more from somebody who is distracted by outside issues. Perhaps one way to avoid distractions in drug addiction treatment is to check into a clinic that is outside of your hometown.  Firstly you’re going to have a little more privacy by going to a different town and secondly you’re less likely to be distracted by your everyday worries.  This can be a distinct advantage in your early recovery.
Beating drug addiction is not easy.  This is a complex illness that reaches deep into many areas of life.  It affects behaviour, thoughts, physical condition, as well as your work and social life.  Recovery from drug addiction means that each of these spheres must be comprehensively reassessed.  Your recovery from drug addiction is the rock upon which you will build the rest of your life.  It follows that you should take every possible advantage you can in order to make your foundation as solid as possible.
The more that you can avoid any distractions while you are in early recovery the better.  You’ll be able to give your full attention to your treatment program and so benefit more from your time in rehab.  You’ll notice that clinics go to great lengths to minimize outside distractions.  Restricting visiting hours and limiting access to television, newspapers and telephones are just some examples of how to separate drug addiction treatment from the outside world.
When you’re looking for a drug addiction rehab program you need to weigh up the options very carefully.  This could well be one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life.
What are the distractions to avoid in drug addiction treatment?
You should avoid bringing outside literature to drug addiction treatment.  Rather focus your attention on recovery based literature, which will be provided for you by the rehab centre.  Many clinics actually don’t allow outside literature at all, for the very reason of preventing such distractions.
Similarly don’t bring an iPod or cellphone to treatment as these can also distract you from the drug addiction treatment program.  Another potential damage to your recovery could be that you would not spend time with your peers in the therapeutic community.  By listening to an iPod or using your cellphone you would effectively be isolating yourself from receiving feedback from the community, which is an important part of treatment.
Don’t form an exclusive relationship with a peer in drug addiction treatment.  An “exclusive relationship” is one where you would spend the majority of your time with a single member of the community.  This is especially true if there is some romantic interest involved.  If you’re focusing on one person you exclude yourself from the therapeutic process of the group.
If you want to maximize the benefits of drug addiction treatment and want expert independent advice on choosing a clinic please contact one of our intake coordinators today.  They will take a confidential assessment of your case and provide you with treatment options that will best serve your needs.

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