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Specialised drug rehabilitation centres are a relatively new development in medical science and addiction treatment.
Before the advent of modern addiction treatment centres, drug addicts would be treated much the same as a psychiatric patient.  They would be sent to dry out in a ward that was originally intended for alcoholics and would receive little or no drug specific treatment.  Luckily for today’s addicts drug rehabilitation centres have become more commonplace and research based methods of care have improved treatment.  The types of treatment have advanced significantly and are now very much outcomes based.
Why should I go to a drug rehabilitation centre?
It is rarely possible for drug addicts to stop using drugs independently. Around 4% of addicts manage to do so, but this is so difficult to accomplish that the great majority of addicts relapse within days of even their most sincere decision and subsequent efforts to stop using drugs.
Either the physical withdrawal symptoms of detox are too much to bear or they simple lose hope when struggling to make the lifestyle changes associated with addiction recovery and relapse out of frustration. Whatever the reasons may be, addicts who don’t go to drug rehabilitation centres for treatment will find themselves battling a nearly impossible task.  There may also be certain risks in discontinuing drug use without the medical supervision offered in rehabs.
So if you’re sincere about wanting to stop using drugs, your best bet is to check into one of the many quality drug rehabilitation centres available around the world.
Do I need to go to a  drug rehabilitation centre?
Many people who check into drug rehabilitation centres will realize at some level that they have a problem.  Some people are forced into treatment by their loved ones or the courts and only during the rehab process discover that they really need treatment and become more motivated to engage.  If you are concerned that your drug taking has developed into something that you cannot control, there are addiction self-assessment questionnaires available on this website that will help you to examine the patterns of your drug use.
One might suggest that if you or a loved one is significantly worried about your drug use to consider taking an assessment or stopping drug use then there is a good chance you have a problem.  Of course it’s also important to remember that you don’t have to be a full blown addict to die from an overdose or suffer legal consequences like being arrested for possession.  If you don’t want to risk these consequences you should consider going into a drug rehabilitation centre to clean up.
Even if you don’t believe that you have a problem and are completely unwilling to be admitted into a drug rehabilitation centre it is still possible for the program to work for you.  Denial of addiction is a part of the illness, is very common and sometimes an addict will be completely unaware that they have a problem.
If enough people are telling you that you have a drug problem and need to go to rehab then take the time to contact one of our addiction counsellors who can help you to see whether you may benefit from the help a drug rehabilitation centre can offer you.
How long must I stay in drug rehabilitation centres?
Even if you’re attending a drug rehabilitation centres on a court order or otherwise being forced into it but your family, friends or even your employer, you will find that your addiction counsellor can’t keep you against your will.  So it’s not so much a case of having to stay to stay in treatment, as choosing to spend a little time improving your life.  This is an investment in your future mental and emotional health and resulting level of functioning, not a punishment.
That said, the various program lengths are suggested by addiction treatment consultants based on decades of academic research into how to provide effective drug rehabilitation.  Leaving treatment against the advice of your counsellor is not a good idea.  Who would go to a doctor, be diagnosed with cancer, and then tell the doctor that they refuse to complete the prescribed treatment?  It’s really the same with drug addiction.  Drug rehabilitation centres provide treatment for a disease that is chronic, progressive and fatal.  It’s really in your best interest to complete the course.
Can I force somebody into a drug rehabilitation centre?
This depends on the laws of your country.  In most countries there are legal steps that can be taken by the loved ones of an addict to force them into treatment.  You will need to show that the patient is causing themselves or society damage through their using drug addiction.
Simply by using drugs and being in the situation to “score” (dealers houses, streets, etc) is usually enough to demonstrate that they are placing themselves at risk.  If your loved one has broken the law (stealing, possession of illegal substances, fraud, etc) or been arrested because of addiction this could be enough to show that they are a danger to society.  You should speak to a social worker to find out the exact procedure in your country. Alternatively contact us and we’ll guide you.
The life of a drug addict – and the life of the addict’s family – all too often feels like a non-stop roller coaster. But you don’t HAVE to stay on that scary, unpredictable ride any longer. Call us today for help in finding the right drug rehabilitation treatment clinic for you or your loved one.

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