First Step to Beating Drug Addiction

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Consider for a moment the trap of drug addiction.
If the addict stops using drugs they quickly suffer withdrawal symptoms that compel them to use again.  While they’re not using drugs they’re obsessing about getting and using drugs and finding ways and means to get more drugs.
Drug addiction is all about the mental obsession and physical compulsion to continue using drugs in spite of the negative consequences that result from using!
It’s maddening for family and friends to watch the drug addict destroy themselves through substance abuse.  If you or a loved one are struggling with the consequences of drug addiction please call one of our treatment coordinators for expert and impartial advice on treatment options.
One might think that admitting your drug addiction problem is the first step, but actually most patients are coerced, cajoled and even forced into rehab and interestingly enough this has little to do with whether treatment works or not!
Even if patients are admitted to a drug addiction rehab against their will, treatment can still be successful. Probbaly the most common myth about drug addiction is that the patient has to “want” recovery to get well. Allow me to shout from the rooftops that this is entirely UNTRUE!
Please feel free to call me today if you’d like more info about this.
A medically managed detoxification is usually the first step to beating drug addiction. A drug detoxification is not recovery from addiction; it’s a necessary start along the journey!
The first step in treatment and recovery is a drug detox; a difficult process to do by yourself, so it may be advisable to take the first step with the professional help of a drug addiction rehab.
Why is it so difficult to just get through the detox and beat a drug addiction?  Anyone who’s become addicted has an increased tolerance to drugs and has over time developed a physical dependency. Not all drugs are physically addictive and if you don’t suffer withdrawal symptoms this does not mean that you are not addicted.
It is this physical dependence that makes the drug detox so difficult.  Physiological dependence will cause the addict to experience withdrawal symptoms if they stop using drugs abruptly. The power of these withdrawals can be likened to suffering from starvation; the body has to get more drugs to feed the addiction.
Withdrawals are more than unpleasant and can even be dangerous.  Drug addiction withdrawal symptoms could include cold sweats, nausea, muscle cramps, irritability, and insomnia.  Examples of dangerous symptoms could be hallucinations and seizures.
Clearly beating drug addiction alone is going to be most difficult, which is probably why 96% of drug addicts who try to quit independently find themselves relapsing back into drug taking before reaching 12 months clean and sober.
If you’d like some help in finding a quality drug addiction rehab centre near you, contact one of our treatment coordinators today for expert, impartial advice.

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