Getting Help for Struggles with Drug Addiction

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Struggling with any drug addiction can be a horrible way to live.  Addicts find themselves using drugs just to avoid withdrawal symptoms despite knowing that they’re hurting the ones they love and breaking their moral codes by lying, cheating, and stealing to support their drug use.  Their bodies suffer as a result of the lifestyle associated with drug addiction and mental, legal and physical complications are common.  Getting help for struggles with drug addiction is a life altering event.
In reality the only way that you can help somebody who is struggling with drug addiction is to ensure they have the necessary help to quit.  Helping them deal with the consequences of drug addiction is a self-defeating exercise in unhealthy enabling.  Not only will this enable them to continue using drugs, but if you don’t address the source of the problem (the addictive behaviour) then you’ll find that the disease just makes more problems.
The disease of drug addiction really can make an endless stream of trouble so it’s best to deal with the root causes rather than futilely trying to patch up the troubles it creates.
Getting help for struggles with drug addiction is essential as only 4% of addicts managed to get to 1 year’s uninterrupted recovery without professional help. Drug addiction is a primary illness so by living in recovery you will find that many of the associated problems will naturally disappear.  Any financial problems will immediately be closer to resolution as the patient is able to retain a job and isn’t blowing cash on feeding their drug habit.
Why do people struggle with beating the disease of drug addiction?  This question is best answered by looking at what exactly defines this illness.  The two chief physical criteria for deciding if somebody is an addict are the presence of withdrawal symptoms and “tolerance”.  A behavioural diagnostic criteria would be compulsively using drugs no matter what the consequences.  It may be physiological or psychological in nature and compels the addict to use.  Tolerance is the situation where an addict requires ever increasing doses in order to get high.
If an addict stops using drugs abruptly their physical dependence on the drug may make them suffer withdrawal symptoms.  It is clear therefore that the problem of physiological dependence is what makes it so difficult to stop using drugs.  Drug dependency is a trap, but there is an escape – a medical drug addiction detox.
A medical drug addiction detoxification is a process overseen by doctors and nurses that aims to rid the body of any chemicals left over from drug use.  You can think of it as flushing out the toxins and allowing the body to reestablish a healthy balance.  Typically a drug addiction detox will last between 2 and 10 days, but this will vary depending on the substance, the quantities used, and the person’s own general physical condition.  Detoxification is the first battle in the war against drug addiction.
The next point where you will be getting help for struggles with drug addiction is in the actual treatment program of the rehab.
Drug addiction is not curable with current technology.  There is no medicine or psychological technique that can completely cure this disease.  Rather a person must learn to manage the disease and live in remission.
Because drug addiction cannot be cured, a drug treatment program focuses on changing the behaviours and attitudes that are associated with addiction.  By introducing a new set of behaviours it is possible to entirely transform the life of the patient.  This treatment can effectively stop the progression of the illness and allow the patient to live a normal life.
The rewards of living a recovery lifestyle based on these new behaviours are tremendous.  Patients become liberated from the shackles of drug addiction and live with a new sense of freedom and happiness.
If you want to be free but need help in beating your drug addiction please don’t delay in contacting one of our specialist addiction treatment consultants.  Our independent advice is based on years of experience in the field.
Please allow our intake coordinators to help you in finding the treatment that will work best for you.

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