Going to South Africa for Drug Addiction Help

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If you’re thinking about going to South Africa for drug addiction treatment you are not alone.
There are many people from across the world who are attracted by the high standards of addictions treatment that are made affordable by the favourable South African Rand exchange rate.
For the price of a mediocre UK, European or American treatment centre you can afford a top flight luxury drug addiction rehab program in South Africa. Many patients complete their primary care phase of rehab in the UK (detox and 4 weeks of therapy) and then come out to Cape Town or Johannesburg to enjoy a fantastic, warm (both climate and culture) secondary and tertiary care drug addiction treatment.
South African rehabs use internationally accepted drug addiction treatment models.  Just about all of the rehabs use English exclusively as their language of instruction.  This means that your experience in a South African rehab centre is going to be very similar to going to a UK clinic.  So you’re not going to compromise on quality of treatment, but what about the amenities?
Because South African drug addiction rehabs charge in Rands you’ll find that you can afford a luxury South African treatment centre where you might only be able to afford a sub standard UK option.
Some of the amenities offered in South African luxury rehabs include gyms, swimming pools, saunas, jacuzzis, gourmet chefs, private rooms, and luxurious furnishings.  You may think that you’re checking into a hotel rather than going to South Africa for drug addiction help!
One advantage of going to South Africa for drug addiction help is that you will be avoiding any distractions that your hometown may present.  By coming to a completely new environment you’ll be able to focus fully on the task at hand.  This will of course result in you getting more from the program and so enjoying a better treatment outcome.
You’ll also find that going to South Africa for drug addiction help and being far from your hometown will provide you with a greater degree of privacy.  Even if you’re fairly well known in society in your home country you’re probably going to enjoy the privacy that comes only with anonymity.  Even UK television celebrities and pop stars have been to South Africa and been chagrined to find that they are unknown outside of Britain!
Perhaps one of the largest advantages in going to South Africa for drug addiction help is the fact that you can afford to stay longer.  According to international research having a longer treatment period is associated with better outcomes.  For severe dependencies (for example a long standing addiction to drugs such as heroin) a 9 month period is recommended.
This may be too expensive to consider doing in a treatment centre in the UK or your home country, but could well be within your financial means if you consider going to South Africa for drug addiction help.
Additionally South Africa has a well evolved system of follow-on care.  These step-down drug addiction facilities are known in South Africa as “secondary” or “tertiary” care centres.  They are analogous to halfway houses or sober houses in America or Britain.  You can choose to go to such a centre after completing your initial drug addiction treatment program.
The step-down facilities focus on deeper issues and permit you more freedom than the first phase at a treatment centre.  Of course this requires the patient to take more responsibility for their recovery from drug addiction.  By allowing the patient to gradually start taking responsibility the treatment centre enables him/her to start returning to society.
The favourable exchange rate makes it possible to enjoy a much higher quality of care in more luxurious settings, for a longer period,  than would be possible in the UK or Europe.
If you are thinking about going to South Africa for drug addiction help and treatment please allow the experts to help you choose the clinic that will be best for you.  They are experienced in the South African market and will offer you free and independent advice.
Contact us to discuss options that may suit you.

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