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Recovery from alcoholism is a lifelong venture that has tremendous benefits and rewards for the alcoholic. When compared to the misery and danger of living with active alcoholism, recovery becomes the only viable option to consider. Yet when the alcoholic is in the midst of their full blown addiction to alcohol this sensible approach and sound reason doesn’t seem to have much effect. The alcoholic continues to drink.

This is because alcoholism is characterised by mental obsession and physical compulsion to continue drinking, despite all the negative consequences. This is the essence of what it means to be an alcoholic. You can read more about the scientific advances that have lead to the modern definition of addiction as a brain disease as well as ambivalence in addicted and alcoholic patients in the above two links. There are many costs associated with alcoholism. There is of course the financial cost of funding the stream of alcohol, but there also several indirect costs. Problems at work, divorce, legal troubles, health problems, the list goes on… recovery from alcoholism can turn this all around.  If your life is chaotic and you can’t stop drinking then you should look for help to get into recovery.

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Complete abstinence from alcohol is the first requirement for recovery from alcoholism. An alcoholic’s body will have become dependent on alcohol and so they will likely suffer withdrawal symptoms if they stop drinking. For this reason it is best to seek alcohol detox advice from professionals. Ensuring a medically supervised detoxification rather than trying to stop drinking by yourself will not only make you more likely to be successful in stopping drinking, but it is also safer to detoxify under the supervision of a doctor.

Abstinence is really just the first step in recovery from alcoholism. The next step after drying out from alcohol is to join the treatment program. An alcoholism treatment program aims to change a person’s behaviour and attitudes, it is through these changes that the person’s life is transformed. One of the first areas of life that is improved is in the physical sphere. Abstinence from alcohol lets the body start to heal itself. Alcoholism can have severe consequences on the body such as liver disease or other organ damage and mental problems like depression. Recovery from alcoholism can help to halt the progression of these ailments and allow doctors the chance to diagnose and treat any physical or mental conditions. Another area of life that is improved by recovery from alcoholism is the emotional or psychological sphere. Alcohol has an effect on the brain which in itself can lead to emotional and psychological distress. Abstinence and subsequent recovery clears the thinking of the alcoholic. This allows psychotherapy to be effective.

Social problems are alleviated when an alcoholic comes into recovery from alcoholism. The behaviour of an alcoholic may change dramatically when they are drunk.  One effect of alcohol is to remove inhibitions. This can lead to inappropriate social behaviour that leads to fights, arguments, or even arrest. Trouble in the home is another area of social life that is improved when the alcoholic gets sober.

The alcoholic’s work performance may suffer as a result of their drinking. Typical complaints of employers include increased absenteeism and poor performance. Alcoholics are more likely to be absent from work – either because they feel ill as a result of drinking or because they intend to drink that day. Their work performance may suffer as a result of being hung over. Additionally their mood may not be conducive to working with customers. Recovery from alcoholism can help the alcoholic to stabilize his/her work performance.

Alcoholism is characterised as a selfish condition. Alcoholics seem to be concerned chiefly with their own happiness and obsess over drinking. They are hardly able to consider anything else. This selfishness is the hallmark of the spiritual decay that alcoholics experience. They turn away from whatever spiritual understanding they used to have and become focused on alcohol. Recovery from alcoholism frees alcoholics from the cycle of compulsion and obsession.  This allows them to start rebuilding a healthier concept of spirituality.

If you want to turn your life around and start living free of the negative consequences please contact WeDoRecover today.  If left untreated alcoholism can kill you.

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