South African Drug Addictions Treatment Better?

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So many people are coming to South Africa for rehab that it is inevitable that professionals and patients alike are asking “Is South African drug addictions treatment better”.
Because drug addiction is a potentially fatal illness patients want to minimise any risk of relapse and choose the very best rehabilitation centre.  This is not an illness that we can afford to take lightly.

It is tempting to judge whether South African drug addictions treatment is better by looking at the amenities they offer.  Luxury drug rehab centres in South Africa offer outstanding levels of comfort with patient accommodation looking more like a hotel than a hospital. They will have swimming pools, jacuzzi’s, saunas, and other comforts to make sure that your stay is comfortable and relaxing. Due to exchange rates, the South African Rand is weak against international currencies and patients find that their money stretches further than it does at home.

While some things are not cheaper, you’ll discover that you can afford more luxurious rehabs than you could afford for the same money in your home country.
Thus one answer to the question “is South African drug addiction treatment better” is that you will find the accommodation more comfortable, superb quality of care and like for like much better value for money than clinics in Europe, the United Kingdom and Middle East that charge in Euro’s or Pounds.

Quality of treatment in South Africa

International research into drug addictions rehabilitation has shown that for severe dependencies, the longer you spend in treatment the better your overall outcome is going to be.
The way that a treatment outcome can be measured is not only in whether you stay clean, but also how happy and fulfilled you are – your quality of life.  Whether South African drug addiction treatment is better in this with regard will have to be measured in each individual’s life.

The exchange rate comes to the fore again in discussing this question.  If you compare the price of drug rehabilitation in your local currency to the price of treatment in South African in Rands you’ll discover that you can afford a much longer treatment period in South Africa.

If you don’t believe me call one of the top primary care clinics in the UK and ask what a week drug detox program costs.  You will be able to afford at least an entire month of equivalent treatment in South Africa for the same price.  Therefore we can answer the question “is South African drug addictions treatment better” by saying that you can afford a longer treatment period, and so expect to have a better treatment outcome.


Many people who come to South Africa find the climate and culture so pleasant that they decide to stay on.  There are also a great many opportunities that may not exist in Europe.
South Africa has a well established network of Secondary Care drug rehabs and Halfway Houses.  This allows the patient to complete treatment and then be transferred to new phases of treatment.  Again this answers the question “is South African drug addictions treatment better” by noting that you can stay longer in treatment and hence expect a higher chance of and better quality of recovery.

These follow on care (“Secondary Care”) rehab facilities allow the patient more freedom and responsibility.  They are encouraged to explore themselves at a deeper level that is not possible in a short term program.  During this time the patient is reintegrated into society – they will find a job, start attending outside 12 step meetings, and be allowed to watch movies and participate in other such social activities.

You will find that people who have completed a few months in Secondary Care will have a more rounded and general knowledge of their issues.  Thus we can answer “is South African drug addictions treatment better” by saying that South Africa has rehabilitation centres that allow you to slowly return to society while living in a safe environment.
If you want to escape from the cycle of drug addiction but don’t know how, please don’t despair – contact one of our treatment coordinators today for expert advice.  Call us today to turn your life around or to help a loved one, no-one needs to suffer with the consequences of substance abuse alone.

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