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WeDoRecover’s alcohol and drug addiction rehab centres in South Africa, England and Thailand provide a wide range of the best quality treatment options to help you beat addiction and get into recovery.

South Africa – Affordable Rehabilitation Centres

South Africa is the perfect combination of high quality, affordable rehabilitation centres & medical services, including clinical detoxification, and exciting outdoor recovery activities.

All in all, a superb location for short term intensive treatment or longer-term rehabilitation of 90 days to 1 year or more.

Our range of rehab clinics & addictions treatment providers in Johannesburg & Pretoria (Gauteng) Cape Town (and other more rural Western Cape locations) as well as around Durban (Kwa-Zulu Natal) are the best in South Africa.

Contact us for addictions treatment in South Africa.

UK clinics

WeDoRecover’s UK clinics are some of the best in the world. An excellent set of treatment facilities ranging from discreet out-patient or after hours rehab & residential centres within London or other main towns, to rural countryside in-patient alcohol & addiction rehab clinics.

Some centres specialise in certain types of addictions and others have licences to treat teenagers or make provision for gender-specific rehabilitation where women & men are treated separately.

WeDoRecover uses our expertise and knowledge to help you find the most suitable treatment at a budget you can afford. Contact us for help accessing addiction treatment in the UK.

Thailand quality alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation

Thailand offers quality alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation, as well as treatment for other addictions like gambling, eating disorders and sex addiction in an exotic location at greatly reduced prices due to current exchange rates.

Our Thailand rehab centre’s employed many UK & the USA qualified staff and provide top-notch care at greatly reduced prices in a warm climate.

Call us right now to find a Thailand rehab centre that will meet your needs or email us for advice and help in considering treatment in Thailand.

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