Alcohol Rehab Near Me: Myths and Truths

This article is split into two sections 1) When trying to find an alcohol rehab near me for a loved one, there is a fair amount of contradictory information and several myths that manage to persist. We’ll deal with those first, then move on to why it makes sense to find an alcohol rehab near me, and not travel too far away for treatment.

There’s plenty of accurate alcoholism treatment information, here are some of the myths that still abound.

Myth: People who don’t succeed the first time in alcohol rehab will never succeed. Truth:  This is entirely false, many people require multiple treatments in alcohol rehab facilities before theycano maintain lasting alcohol recovery. Recovery is a long process that requires sustained dedication and commitment. It is not a quick or easy illness to beat.

Myth: Alcoholism is the result of personal weakness or moral failure. Truth: Alcoholism changes the way the brain works and hijacks the alcoholics’ thought process. Alcoholics are in the grip of an illness that compels them to drink. The brain becomes so used to having alcohol present that it loses the ability to function normally without it. Alcoholism is an illness that alters the chemistry of the brain.

Myth: Alcoholism can be overcome on your own. Truth: The majority of people with severe AUD (alcohol use disorder) find that they cannot retain sobriety alone. Those who remain sober without addressing the underlying issues that drive the process of alcoholism find themselves unhappy and unfulfilled. For the majority of people, a comprehensive alcohol treatment program offered by professionals in an alcohol rehab near me is required to achieve a happy and fulfilled life.

Myth: Alcohol rehab centres are like prisons. Truth: Everybody has a fear of the unknown and the prospect of being admitted to an alcohol rehab centre may be daunting to some. The truth is that an alcohol rehab near me worth its salt should be physically comfortable and emotionally supportive. While certain freedoms are restricted in the early phases of alcohol treatment this is to ensure the safety of the members of the facility and you are free to quit the program at any time. The staff of an alcohol rehab near me facility are kind and caring people who have dedicated their lives to helping alcoholics recover.

Myth: Alcohol rehab will only work if the patient is there voluntarily. Truth: Although the chance of a positive outcome is greatly improved by a patient arriving at the clinic openly asking for help this is not required for success. Alcoholics are often in denial about the problem and arrive at alcohol rehab at the behest of family members while earnestly believing that they have been misdiagnosed. Through exposure to the alcohol treatment program in an alcohol rehab near me in Johannesburg, the alcoholic could come to accept the illness and has just as good a chance of finding alcohol recovery as if he/she had entered alcohol rehab voluntarily.

Myth: An alcoholism treatment program in an alcohol rehab near me can be completed quickly. Truth: There is a large body of evidence that suggests at least three months of treatment are required before an alcohol treatment program is likely to be successful. Shorter-term programs are less likely to be able to address the wide range of behaviours and entrenched habits that fuel the process of alcoholism.

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