Frequently Asked Questions About Alcohol Rehab

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Every day we get numerous calls from alcoholics & concerned loved ones looking for alcohol rehab.

We’ve begun to notice a trend in the questions we’ve been asked, therefore we’ve decided to write an article answering some of the most frequently asked questions about alcohol rehab.

How Long is Alcohol Rehab?

One of the biggest concerns for many alcoholics & concerned loved ones is the amount of time they have to spend in alcohol rehab.

Responsibilities at home & work makes deciding whether you should get into alcohol rehab very difficult. However, you also have to understand that your drinking problem will be come worse the longer it’s left untreated. Besides, avoiding treatment only increases your chances of hurting those closest to you & damaging your career.

The minimum stay inside alcohol rehab is 4 weeks but an accurate estimation can only be made according to the nature & severity of your symptoms. Alcoholics with more severe problems will more than likely need to stay in treatment longer.

How Can I Determine if my Loved One is an Alcoholic?

If you’re wondering if your loved one could be an alcoholic, look out for these signs & symptoms:

They suffer health problems caused by drinking alcohol
Family members & others close to them are being affected by their drinking
Your relationship with them is suffering because of their alcohol usage
Your loved one tried & wants to stop drinking but can’t
They continue to drink alcohol despite seeing the damaging health effects its causing

If you notice any of these signs & symptoms on your loved one, it’s a clear sign that they need alcoholic help.

Do I Need Inpatient or Outpatient Alcohol Rehab?

Many alcoholics are swayed by the idea that outpatient alcohol rehab doesn’t require a stay inside the clinic. They think that it’s a shortcut which will help them avoid fitting treatment into their busy lifestyles.

However, alcoholics who decide to go for outpatient alcohol rehab usually find themselves looking to get into inpatient treatment after a few months because they’re finding it extremely difficult to handle the cravings & withdrawal symptoms. I mean imagine walking past a bar on your way to work every day or spending time with friends that drink while you’re in recovery?

The best & safest way to treat alcoholism is by receiving inpatient treatment, where you’ll receive constant medical care, counselling, therapy & education during your stay in alcohol rehab centre.

Inpatient treatment gives you the opportunity get out of an environment filled with temptation & allows you to completely focus on nothing else but your alcoholism recovery while preparing you with the necessary skills to achieve long term sobriety.

How Much is Alcohol Rehab?

The costs of alcohol rehab vary from clinic to clinic so it’s very hard to give you an exact number.

In South Africa, most medical aid schemes should cover the bulk of the costs of alcohol rehab, but not all of it. If you’re paying cash, it’s likely to be more expensive.

However, over time, the costs to maintain an alcohol addiction will more than likely tally up to more than the price of alcohol rehab.

Money aside, your health & wellbeing should always come first. If it means taking out a bank loan or lending funds from family members & friends then so be it. It’s worth every penny!

Where Do I Find a Good Alcohol Rehab?

There are so many alcohol rehab centres to choose from that it actually makes it very difficult to determine which clinic is the right one for you.

Here at WeDoRecover, we’ve made the task simple for you. We’ve handpicked the alcohol rehab centres we work with to ensure that you get only the best treatment available.

We can provide you with immediate admission into the best private alcohol rehab centres in South Africa, the United Kingdom & Thailand. Call us now & let one of our qualified addiction counsellors provide you with free, expert advice.

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