Interesting Facts about Alcoholism & Alcohol Rehab

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Did you know that alcoholism is an incurable brain disease? Or that you CAN force an alcoholic into treatment? If you didn’t, here are some of the most interesting facts about alcoholism & alcohol rehab that you definitely should know!

Alcoholism cannot be cured. It’s a brain disease that will continue to get worse the longer it’s left untreated. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot recover. Alcohol rehab prepares you with the necessary skills to help you live happily & successfully again.

You can force an alcoholic into alcohol rehab. Just because they refuse treatment, doesn’t mean that it can’t be a success. It’s been proven time after time that forcing someone into rehabilitation has no effect on its outcome.

Alcohol detoxification (or alcohol detox for short) is no cure for addiction. It simply helps to remove the physical effects of alcoholism but not the underlying psychological problems. Remember, it’s a brain disease!

Alcohol detox usually takes a maximum of 2 weeks to complete, but an accurate estimation can only made according to the nature & severity of an alcoholic’s symptoms.

The chances of an alcoholic quitting on their own are very slim. Withdrawal symptoms such as tremors (body shakes), headaches, vomiting, sweating, agitation, loss of appetite, insomnia & more severely Delirium Tremens (sudden mental & physical symptoms which includes all of the above as well as hallucinations, confusion, anxiety, depression) makes it an extremely difficult & very dangerous task.

Counselling & therapy is very important in alcohol rehab. It helps to get right down to the origin of the problem & teaches alcoholics how to avoid making the same mistakes in future.

The most effective alcohol rehab centres keep patients in treatment for a minimum of 28 days (4 weeks), however, an accurate judgement can only be made according to how severe your alcoholism symptoms are.

The best alcohol rehab centres will always customise their treatment programs to suit your individual needs. Why? Because nobody’s addiction will ever be the same!

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