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We’ve all heard that drug addiction is recognised by the leading medical authorities as an illness.  The reality of addiction to alcohol or other drugs is crime, lost jobs, broken homes, and financial decay.
Drug addicts face grim prospects and without the assistance from a team of professionals at a treatment centre, often end up in jails, mental institutions, or an early grave.  The family of an addict can become completely distraught watching the slow decline of their loved one.
They say that rock bottom is the point where drug addiction gets so bad that the addict is ready to stop using drugs.  The truth is that even if an addict is not willing to enter treatment they can still benefit from a drug rehab program.  There is no real need to allow an addict to reach “rock bottom” and suffer the horrific consequences on the way there.
It is very difficult to arrest an active drug addiction by yourself.  Searching for a quality treatment centre is a good idea because a team of addiction treatment consultants is best placed to guide you in the early stages of recovery.
Drug detoxification is the first phase of a drug treatment program.  It should be performed under the supervision of a medical doctor – both for safety reasons and to help you manage the withdrawal symptoms more comfortably.  Withdrawal symptoms occur as a result of stopping using drugs abruptly when the addict is dependent on them.  This physical dependence is just one of the hallmarks of drug addiction, and can be a difficult first step to get over without appropriate help.
Searching for a drug addiction treatment centre is not an easy task.  There are a lot of options to choose from.  Some of these will be truly excellent clinics while others may be merely mediocre.  Given the serious nature of any drug dependency, you want to make sure that you place careful consideration into this decision.
Some of the minimum requirements that you should look out for when choosing a drug addiction treatment centre are that it:

Must be registered with all of the relevant government regulatory standards and comply with Health and Safety standards.
Must be staffed by members of professional bodies who are properly qualified and can be held accountable to ethical standards of treatment.
Must provide a medically supervised drug detoxification with medical doctors and nurses supervising the process.

This will help you narrow down the choices when you’re choosing a drug addiction treatment centre.  Of course any halfway decent rehab will comply with these criteria so if you’re looking for excellent drug addiction treatment you should look at the actual treatment program.  It should include diverse elements, such as:

Group therapy
Individual one-to-one counselling
Art therapy
Music therapy

By using multiple treatment methods the program will comprehensively address the complex issues that surround addiction.  To support this program the drug addiction treatment centre will be staffed by a team comprising members of various professions.  By joining their combined knowledge and experience the treatment team can develop a rich understanding of the issues that lead to addictive behaviour.
Another decision to be made when searching for a drug addiction treatment centre is whether to go to a clinic in your local area or whether to travel to a different town or country.  There are several reasons to consider travelling abroad for your rehab program.
The exchange rate makes it much more affordable for Europeans to be treated in South Africa.  They can afford a higher quality of treatment than is offered in Europe or America.  Another advantage is that of removing any outside distractions that may be present close to home.
If you’re searching a quality drug addiction treatment centre then please let our expert intake coordinators guide you to the option that will best suit your individual needs.
Call us today for a confidential chat about the options available to you.

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