Top South African phrases for tourists

We Do Recover

So you’re visiting South Africa and want to talk like a local?  You want to know what’s “lekker” and the best way to enjoy snoek?  South Africa is a melting pot of cultures and the language reflects a rich history.  With 11 official languages South Africa is a linguistic overload.

You’ll learn that “now now” in South Africa means soon (maybe next week) and that we’re so “larny” that we have “robots” directing our traffic not just ordinary traffic lights.  You’ll discover that grazing bunny chow doesn’t make you a rabbit and that mother-in-law curry is a way to make your food so hot that it dissuades her from visiting!

You can see that South African phrases are a colourful way to express yourself.  When visiting the country be prepared to be entertained by the sometimes humourous meanings of the slang.  Ag man, you’re sommer in for a great time!

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