What is the best drug addiction rehab?

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It’s not easy to know what the best drug addiction rehab looks like.  Many treatment centres will claim to have the best recovery program and outcomes.
These claims are often not based on independent research and are biased.  You should therefore take any self-promotion by clinics with a pinch of salt.
Drug addiction and alcoholism are serious diseases and ensuring that you receive a high quality of care during your treatment is crucial. You cannot afford to take a chance with a substandard clinic.
Whilst the costs of drug addiction rehab may be high they can be recouped easily within time which the patient will have plenty of when they’re in a stable contented recovery. If the patient does not go for treatment, get the help they need and find recovery, the costs of their ongoing addiction will no doubt be even higher.
It’s not sensationalist to say that drug addiction claims many lives. American researchers have proven that alcoholics die on average 26 years earlier. Some aspects of drug addiction are more risky than alcoholism, so you can draw your own conclusions.
Just last week I had a patient who was going to be admitted to a quality addiction rehab and died in a car crash hours before his admission.
The best drug addiction rehabs are flexible and diverse.
It is key to know what the best addiction treatment is FOR YOU, as an individual.  Your personal history and experience with being addicted is not exactly the same as other peoples so it follows that your drug addiction treatment program should also be different.
An effective alcohol or drug addiction rehab program must be able to cater to your particular needs and not put you through a one size fits all “cookie cutter” treatment process.
The best addiction recovery centres are flexible and tailor make individualized programs for their patients.
Closely associated to being flexible, a program needs to have a diverse staff complement.  Drug addiction and alcoholism influence many areas of life.  This means that the staff members need to be able to look in depth into the multiple facets of this complex illness.
When deciding which drug addiction rehab is best for you, have a look at the staff it employs.  Is there a multidisciplinary team of treatment consultants drawn from various professions such as doctors, psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers, and addiction counsellors?
If a particular profession is over-represented in a team then you could find that the treatment approach is skewed in favour of one particular understanding of addiction.  This could lead to certain issues being overlooked or minimized.
We’ve seen that having a diverse staff complement that are able to combine their specialist views in providing a flexible therapy program is a hallmark of the best drug addiction rehabs.
The best drug addiction rehabs are registered and ethical.
It should be common sense when looking for the best drug addiction treatment centre that they be properly registered with the relevant government authorities.
This helps to ensure that they are regulated and inspected by various health and safety departments.  It also means that it is less likely to be a “fly by night” operation that seeks only to capitalize on desperate drug addicts and alcoholics.  Be sure to ask for proof of government approval of the facility.
This registration is an essential threshold not an indication of the best drug addiction rehab.  You need to make sure that the staff are similarly registered with their professional bodies.  Doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists, and addictions counsellors all have professional bodies that lay out standards of qualification and ethical behaviour for their members.
You should ensure that your prospective treatment centre has a suitably qualified staff compliment.
Ethics play an important part in deciding what the best rehab is.  Facilities should adhere to strict ethical rules before you even consider being admitted.  Ethical boundaries such as privacy and confidentiality are essential as are boundaries around how patients are treated.  Facilities must bar their staff from having social or romantic relationships with patients, this is the basic norm of sound ethical practice.  Be sure that you ask your facility what ethical standards they adhere to.
What is the best addiction rehab – amenities
When looking at what the best addiction clinic is for you the last thing to look at should be the amenities available.  Some rehabilitation centres are very luxurious while others are more humble.  You should make sure that you are getting an acceptable level of comfort for what you are paying.
Facilities such as gyms, swimming pools, saunas, jacuzzi, and recreation rooms can be expected depending on the cost of treatment.  Although these amenities may not add much to the quality of therapy they can certainly make your stay more comfortable.
If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and want substance abuse counselling advice please contact one of our treatment coordinators for a confidential assessment today.

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