What time of year to visit Cape Town

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It’s an old joke but worth repeating – if you don’t like the weather in Cape Town, wait an hour.  It’s true that at certain times of the year you can experience all four seasons in one day. Because of the effect of the mountain and sea you may find different weather on different sides of the city. Don’t worry though, this is really just at the seasonal changes and for the most part Cape Town has fairly predictable weather. The Atlantic Seaboard contains some of the most beautiful suburbs like Bantry Bay, Camps Bay, Clifton, Fresnaye, Green Point, Hout Bay and Llandudno where some of Cape Town’s most expensive real estate is very much sought after.

Cape Town has a Mediterranean climate with a warm sunny summer and a mild wet winter.  It very seldom drops below freezing point, even in the middle of a cold winter night, and it is very rare that the temperature will rise above 32°C in the height of summer. If you visit Cape Town from December to February you are most likely going to enjoy a warm sunny holiday.

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