Which Drug Addiction Treatment Programs Work Best?

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If you type the phrase “which drug addiction treatment programs work best” into a popular search engine you will get over 83 million pages returned.  That’s a huge amount of information, but how much of it is accurate and independent?
We offer expert drug addiction advice based on independent research.  We investigate treatment centres and have no reason to favour any particular centre if it does not offer the very best possible addiction treatment programs.
Let’s have a look at how we can decide which drug addiction treatment programs work best.
Firstly we would look at what sort of detoxification (“detox”) program they offer.  This is the very first phase of treatment so it makes sense to look at this important aspect of rehab.  The detox phase may make a great difference in deciding which drug addiction treatment programs work best.  If a person is not able to dry out successfully they will not be able to benefit much from a therapeutic program.  A detox program that is supervised by medical doctors and nurses is a hallmark of a good addiction treatment program.
Following a successful detoxification the next factor that determines how to decide which drug addiction treatment programs work best is to look at the composition of the actual program itself.  A successful program will include a variety of different therapeutic approaches and not rely on a “cookie cutter” program that is the same for everybody.
Such different therapeutic activities could include:

Group therapy and individual drug addiction counselling
Art therapy
Family sessions as well as separate programs for the family
Lectures about drug addiction / recovery
12 step support groups

All of these are factors in deciding which drug addiction treatment programs work best.
Of course we should also say what we mean when we say “best”.  The goal of the best addiction treatment programs is to ensure long lasting abstinence along with a general improvement in life.  This is collectively referred to as drug addiction “recovery” – a term which means that the person stops using drugs and improves life in all spheres.  Therefore we can decide which drug addiction treatment programs work best by looking at how long people stay clean for afterwards and at the quality of their lives in recovery.
Outpatient programs are an alternative to residential / inpatient programs.  In contrast to a residential program residents where will not leave the property, patients who are admitted to outpatient programs will be allowed to work during the day, sleep at home, and be required only to attend certain groups at the centre.  One might ask which drug addiction treatment programs work best – inpatient or outpatient.
An outpatient treatment program is better suited to people who don’t require the same level of structure that is offered in inpatient programs.  They will be expected to be able to resist the urge to drink at home.  Unless they join the residential program for detox they will need to be able to handle quitting drugs by themselves – which not everybody can do.
The final factor we will touch upon when deciding which drug addiction treatment programs work best is the length of rehabilitation.  Research suggests that a nine month program is optimal for heroin addicts.  Other substances can have shorter term treatment.  You need to decide how long you need to stay in drug addiction rehab.  This difficult decision should be taken with your counsellor or a treatment coordinator.
If you would like to find a world class rehab centre then please contact one of our drug addiction treatment coordinators.  They are trained to provide confidential assessments and guide you to the program that is best suited to your individual recovery needs.

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