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How Addiction Will Affect Your Life

Are you addicted to drugs or alcohol? Do you know of someone who is? If you do, then it’s important to know how dangerous drug addiction and alcoholism can be when it’s left untreated.

That’s why in this article, we’ll tell you how addiction affects your life.

Did you that in the US, it’s estimated that 21,6 million people above the age of 12 need addiction treatment inside a rehabilitation center, but only 2,3 million of these people actually get into rehab? This statistic comes from the 2011 US National Survey on Drug Use and Health compiled by the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). It stated that “In 2011, 21.6 million persons aged 12 or older needed treatment for an illicit drug or alcohol use problem (8.4 percent of persons aged 12 or older). Of these, 2.3 million (0.9 percent of persons aged 12 or older and 10.8 percent of those who needed treatment) received treatment at a specialty facility. Thus, 19.3 million persons (7.5 percent of the population aged 12 or older) needed treatment for an illicit drug or alcohol use problem but did not receive treatment at a specialty facility in the past year.” The fact that so many people in the US do not get addiction treatment is alarming, considering the harmful effects that these narcotic substance cause over time. But how exactly does addiction to alcohol or drugs affect an addict’s life?

The Body

Excessive use of alcohol or drugs can cause serious damage important body organs such as the brain, heart, lungs and even the liver. If addiction treatment is not received and drugs or alcohol is continually abused, it may eventually lead to death.

The Mind

Did you know that addiction is a brain disease? Dr Nora Volkow, Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) in the US believes that the brains of addicts have been altered by their addiction suffered. “Absence of the drug makes a signal to their brain that is equivalent to the signal of when you are starving.” She says that the signal is so powerful that the individual’s state of deprivation causes him to believe that it is absolutely necessary to take the drug for survival.” When someone becomes addicted to drugs and alcohol, all that the addict will think about is when, where and how they will be able to use the narcotic substance again. Also, when alcohol or drugs isn’t available, the individual may become moody and irritable.

The Workplace

When someone abuses drugs or alcohol, the individual won’t be able to focus at work. This may lead to poor decision-making and a lack of productivity. The addict may even begin to simply stay away from work, in order to find more time to fund their addiction. Should this trend continue, it’s only a matter of time before the addict will eventually lose their job.


Addiction is often known as a family disease, as it doesn’t just affect the addict, but also the people closest to them as well. When family members are hurt by their loved one’s addiction, the respect levels for that person will dwindle daily, until the relationship has been completely broken. The addict will also be avoided by their peers in society and in the workplace as it’s thought that “who would want to spend time with a drug or alcohol addict?” The addict will be seen as an annoyance and those around them will often try to exclude them as much as possible.


Alcohol and drugs are not cheap, and when someone is addicted to it, the financial costs built up over time can be humongous. When money isn’t available for drugs or alcohol, the addict may eventually resort to loaning or even stealing money from the people around them.

Life Span

Those who abuse drugs or alcohol will have a shorter lifespan than those who do not use these narcotic substances. The health complications that come with addiction and even drug overdoses can all cause death.

Addiction Treatment

If you or a loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, we urge you to get help immediately! We provide access into the best private addiction treatment centers in South Africa, the United Kingdom and Thailand. Call us now and let one of our qualified addiction counsellors assist you in finding the best treatment available.

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