Addiction Services And Assistance

We Do Recover

Once a person becomes addicted to alcohol or other drugs, substances or activities professional addiction services are usually required to enable a successful recovery.

Around 4% of people that become addicted have the ability to attain abstinence and keep clean and sober for 1 year. Conversely around 90% of people that complete a quality addictions services programme and attend the rehabs aftercare counselling groups as well at settle into 12 step meetings and fellowship stay clean for their first year.

Whether itself yourself that become addicted or you’re the family and friends of the addicted person you know how serious addiction is. You can see from the above figures that the chances of contented recovery are greatly enhanced through addiction services and programme attendance.

The effects of addiction on a mental, physical and emotional level could be detrimental if assistance isn’t obtained in good time. Unfortunately with drug and alcohol abuse the victim is, due to increasing tolerance and the onset of withdrawals, in a constant state of chasing the next high which may result in larger quantities being used.

This is of course dangerous to the victim’s health and may even result in death. If you know that somebody you care for is suffering from an addiction, then seeking professional addiction services from a rehabilitation centre would be in their best interests.

We Do Recover are dedicated to providing people addicted to alcohol and other drugs with quality rehabilitation options in their area. All the staff members have experience in working in the addictions and rehabilitation field which enables them to ascertain which treatment centre would be best suited to the needs of the addict by means of discussions of the addict’s particular situation.

Our addiction services do not involve diagnosis of any kind. You will have a telephonic conversation with an experienced consultant where a brief addiction assessment is completed. On completion you will be given tailored advice and provided with a wealth of information on rehab centres in your area that will be able to assist you.

WeDoRecover prides itself on referring clients to only licensed and registered treatment facilities that are known to provide a clinically sound and effective addiction services.

We Do Recover understand that the confrontation of addiction in the family or the life of a loved one can be an overwhelming experience. Knowing where to start with the recovery and rehabilitation process can seem impossible. It is here where We Do Recover steps in and provides step by step guidance on interventions and details of places where you can obtain further assistance.

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