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How Do You Choose The Right Alcohol Abuse Rehab?

There are a multitude of different alcohol abuse rehabs, each with their own particular philosophy and approach to alcoholism as well the all important staff that actually deliver the programme, all with various levels and types of training. This makes choosing the right alcoholism treatment centre all the more difficult. People can differ greatly from one individual to the next, and the same is true for their situation. Because alcoholism is a disease that affects the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person, it is thus only sensible that various methods of treatment will have different outcomes for different people.

This is why it is so important to choose the correct alcohol abuse rehab if you are serious about recovery.
One of the most common ways people judge the merit of an alcohol abuse rehab is by looking at their success rate. This is certainly an important factor, but as mentioned above, a successful treatment method for one individual might not be the most effective method for another. There are certain common factors amongst alcoholics who achieve long term contended sobriety and knowing what alcohol abuse rehab is best placed to help you achieve the movement towards these common factors is critical.

So what are other things to consider when weighing your alcohol rehab options? Here are some valid pointers to consider when starting on the path towards regaining control of your life – does this match up with the beliefs or practices of the facility you are considering?

Find treatment that is easily accessible – the less problematic it is, the more likely you are to stick to it.
Initial failure should not lead to abandoning the treatment – relapses will happen and does not mean the end. Recovery from alcoholism has the same rate of relapse as for other chronic illness like high blood pressure and asthma, so don’t give up.

Abstinence and controlled use both have their place, be properly assessed to determine what category you fall into, as this will determine your alcoholism treatment plan.

  • The approach should reflect your beliefs and expectations.
  • The treatment offered should be based on you, as the patient, and your needs.
  • It should also aim to enhance your motivation and self-efficacy as a recovering alcoholic.
    Treatment should also address unhelpful attitudes and beliefs that you and people close to you may have.
  • Relapse prevention is an important part of treatment.
  • Treatment must also address associated contributory factors.
  • Co-existing psychiatric disorders should be addressed.
  • A supportive, non-confrontational approach is most productive.
  • Client engagement and completion rates should be maximised.
  • Treatment length matters, but any help is better than none.
  • There is a role for both residential and day-care programmes, depending on your individual situation.
  • Once again it’s important to get the right assessment to determine the best alcohol abuse rehab for your specific needs.
  • Medication can enhance long-term outcomes.
  • Self-help groups and professional after-care participation improves outcomes.
  • The efficiency of the treatment staff are key.

Trying to determine which alcohol abuse rehab will best meet your needs is the job of the team at – we work with the best alcohol rehabs through the UK, South Africa and Thailand. Call us today for immediate assessment of your situation and help to choose which alcohol rehab programme is best for you.

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For more information on an alcohol abuse rehab in your area, contact We Do Recover.

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