Alcohol Information: 12 step recovery programme

This programme uses the 12 steps as a map to recovery from alcohol addiction.
The 12 step recovery programme is one of the most commonly used and effective forms of treatment for addiction.
It is a widely used method and is usually associated with Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Gamblers Anonymous.
These programmes may be run through outpatient meetings, which mean that patients may still reside at home, but must attend the 12 Step Meetings regularly.
However, it can also be done in conjunction with an addiction treatment programme at a rehabilitation clinic.
There is sceptism regarding the 12 step recovery programme’s need to believe in a higher power for better recovery purposes, however it is key to state that the meetings are also suitable for for people who do not believe in a particular God or atheists.
Most 12 step recovery programmes are not the same; however they will be based on the following outline:

admitting to being powerless over your addiction;
Believing in a higher power, not necessarily a religious one, can provide strength;
Working through errors of the past with an experienced member;
Fixing your past errors;
Start living life afresh with a new behavioural code;
Assisting others suffering with similar addictions or compulsions

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