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If you’re curious about whether drinking would be considered problematic by health professionals you can take a brief alcohol problem quiz that will give you an indication as to whether you should consult with a doctor or other professional. Please bear in mind that these questionnaires are not any sort of substitute for seeing a professional and that if you’re in any doubt as to the results of your alcohol problem quiz you should see an addictions treatment consultant to discuss them.

Alcoholism is a potentially fatal illness and you should not leave anything to chance when dealing with it. Try to take the following test with an open mind. We do not present it as an online form in order to safeguard your privacy. Rather tally up the scores as you go along to get the end result. This particular alcohol problem quiz is based on a collection of questions that are informed by the diagnostic criteria for alcohol abuse and alcoholism. As you go through the test you will be able to self-assess whether you need to join an alcoholism treatment program.

  • In your opinion does your drinking exceed the amount that other people consume?
  • Have you ever experienced a “blackout”, which is a period of time during which you were drunk that you cannot remember?  For example you may not be able to recall where you were, or what you were doing for an evening after drinking, or how you got home.
  • Has anybody close to you (friend, family, colleague, employer) ever suggested to you that you might have a problem or complained that you drink too much?
  • Do you struggle to have only one or two drinks and then stop?
  • Are you ever left feeling guilty or ashamed about your drinking either when you sober up or while you are intoxicated?
  • Have you ever considered attending or attended a meeting of the Alcoholics Anonymous fellowship?
  • Have you been involved in physical fights while you were under the influence of alcohol?
  • Have you found that your social relationships are being negatively influenced by your drinking?
  • Perhaps friends are not inviting you over or you’ve been involved in arguments?
  • Has anybody close to you (family member or friend) ever sought help for themselves to try and cope with the effect that your drinking has on them?  For example: attending al-anon or al-ateen?
  • Have you ever lost friends through your drinking?
  • Have you ever faced disciplinary action at work as a result of alcohol?
  • Have you ever been fired or forced to resign from a position because of your alcohol consumption?
  • Have you skipped work or neglected your family responsibilities in order to drink alcohol?
  • Do you find yourself drinking in the mornings to avoid the ‘shakes’ or other physical symptoms?
  • Have you ever been diagnosed with liver problems or other health concerns that your doctor mentioned could be linked to alcohol?
  • Have you ever suffered from delirium tremens (DT’s), hallucinations, or shaking after a heavy drinking session?
  • Have you ever considered or been to go see a professional for help in stopping drinking?
  • Have you ever had to be hospitalised or gone to an alcoholism rehabilitation centre for detoxification as a result of drinking?
  • Have you ever been admitted to a psychiatric ward as a result of alcohol abuse?
  • Have you been arrested for driving under the influence?
  • Have you been arrested for behaviour related to being intoxicated?


If you have answered “yes” to six or more on this questionnaire then you should seriously consider contacting a treatment professional and sharing the results of your alcohol problem quiz with them. This test is not perfect and in reality nobody can tell you that you might have a problem other than yourself. If you’re worried about your drinking to the point where you are taking a test then that in itself is a good indication that at a gut level you have a feeling you might need to cut down.
To discuss the results of your questionnaire please contact a professional at We Do Recover who will confidentially assess the results of your alcohol problem test and help you make an informed decision about possible treatment plans.
Please call us to discuss on:
South Africa: 082-74-REHAB (73422) Normal Cell Rates apply
United Kingdom: 0808 26 REHAB (73422) UK Freephone Helpine

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