Can You Force Someone into Rehab

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If you have a loved one that is addicted to drugs or alcohol, the best and safest way to get help for them is through admittance into an addiction treatment centre. However, this is easier said than done. Denial is a major stumbling block when it comes to convincing your loved one that they need to get help for the drug or alcohol problem. They will simply deny that there is any problem present, despite seeing the damage it’s causing to themselves and the people closest to them. While we want our loved ones to get help, we sometimes fear that because we don’t want to lose them, we refrain from confronting them about their addiction. The truth is that the longer your loved ones addiction is left untreated, the worse it will become, that’s why it’s important to get help for them immediately, whether they are willing or not.

But can you force someone to get into rehab? The answer is a resounding YES! And the best thing about this is that it will have no effect on whether treatment will be successful or not. Let’s find out how you can.

Addiction Interventions

Addiction interventions are one of the most effective ways to convince your alcohol or drug addicted loved one to finally get help inside a rehab centre. It involves the gathering of everyone that is key to the addict including a qualified interventionist or a community leader, where they will tell their loved one about the damage their addiction has caused and that the only way that they can overcome it is by staying inside a rehab centre. However, this should not be used as an opportunity to break the addict down or to vent any anger you might have with them. The intervention will be used as a method to show the addict that you love them and that you will stand and watch them throw their life away to addiction.

Preparation is key in addiction interventions, so make sure that you have rehab options for the addict at hand, so the addict can make a decision then and there. The meeting must be prepared in a manner that will answer any questions or apprehensions that your loved one might have. For help in setting up an intervention, please download our free intervention document at the bottom of this page, or call us now and let one of our highly qualified addiction counsellors find the best private rehab centre to suit your loved ones every individual needs.

Court Orders

If you have an addicted loved one that stays with you, who gets violent and angry when confronted about their drug or alcohol problem, then it may be time to get the law on your side. A court order will force your loved one into rehab against their own will and should they refuse or leave rehab early, they will receive legal action. While this may seem extreme at first, it’s not. The costs of allowing your loved ones addiction to continue are far worse than using the law against them. Are you going to sit back and allow your loved one to potentially kill themselves at the hands of alcohol or drug or are you going to take a stand and get help? The choice is yours.

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