Craving for Alcohol and Alcohol Addiction

We Do Recover

An alcoholic is a person who cannot survive without alcohol intake. The craving to consume alcohol can be compared to the basic need for water of someone in a desert.  Withdrawal from alcohol addiction is something that seems impossible to the alcoholic person, but it is very important for their health and even life. The constant use of alcohol and its consumption in large quantities often creates tolerance. This can later turn into alcohol dependence, and then alcohol addiction. Both alcohol addiction and alcohol dependence causes extreme deterioration of human health. In particular damage is often done to the livers and kidneys. People who have become physically addicted to alcohol need help, and usually medical help. It is not safe for someone physically dependent on alcohol to suddenly stop taking alcohol without medical supervision, and alcohol detoxification clinics provide this. But once you have safely stopped drinking you need a period of rehab to unlearn the behaviour associated with drinking, learn coping strategies to deal with any cravings and be able to live in recovery without relapsing into alcoholism again.

Finding the best place for treatment can be confusing and a trained addictions counsellor can provide the help and impartial advice needed. Contact us today and speak to one of our alcoholism treatment counsellors about our addictions advisory service to determine which clinic best meets your needs.

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