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When suffering from an addiction there is little that can be done to help oneself. The old myth that this was due to lack of willpower is absolutely untrue! Latest research has proven that once addicted a person’s brain is effectively hijacked and the urge to use drugs is like feeding yourself food when you’re starving. Can you imagine not having eaten in 3 days and saying ‘No’ to a hearty meal?! I thought not…

Another important factor to consider is that once a person becomes addicted to alcohol or other drugs, a part of their condition is that they’re delusional about their drink or drug taking. They may appear entirely rational, lucid and level headed in ALL other regards but when it comes alcohol other their drugs, they seem to be missing a few important points!

This range of mental defences is often referred to as denial. It’s important to note that denial is an unconscious defence mechanism that’s there to protect us from a reality that too painful for us to see right now. Like if we’re diagnosed with a serious illness or if we’re drinking/drugging our jobs, families and entire lives away.

The range of mental defences include

Minimising the amounts or consequences of our drinking/drug use, Rationalising why we continue to drink or use drugs in spite of the recurring negative consequences caused by drink and drugs, Anger when confronted or even gently challenged about anything to do with drinking or drug use, As a result it is often the task of the victim’s family and/or friends to firstly recognise that there is in fact a problem, and secondly to seek out the relevant assistance. If you know of somebody who is currently facing the turmoil of addiction, then expect that they’ll portray signs of denial and insist that help is not necessary.

Possibly the most common myth about addiction treatment is that the patient has to want to enter a clinic for the treatment to be effective! It’s been proven that even if patients enter a clinic unwillingly, they can still recover. In fact external pressure from family, employers and even the criminal justice system can go a long way towards motivating patients to keep doing the necessary behaviours to get well, be well and stay well.

So it’s often up to the family to squeeze the alcoholic into a clinic.Addiction clinics are great places to seek advice on how best to get your loved one into the correct kind of rehabilitative care. With more than 20 years of experience in both England and South Africa WeDoRecover is ideally placed to help you find the most appropriate addictions clinic for your loved one. With the help of We Do Recover you can be provided with immediate access to a variety of rehab clinics across the country that will be able to assist with all kinds of addictions – drug addiction, alcohol addiction, eating disorders, shopping addiction, sex addiction and even gambling addiction.

The beauty of being assisted by this team is that you will be directed to an addiction clinic that is able to provide you with the proper care for your specific needs as well as your available budget. Catering to both the UK and South African markets this particular company will ensure that you receive the help that you need and deserve. We Do Recover offers a professional advisory service on the various rehabs available and can sometimes even arrange a discounted rate.

With more than 20 years experience in the field of addiction assistance, We Do Recover are well equipped to assist you with making those difficult treatment related decisions that are often associated with active addiction and choosing the best addictions clinic. With the help of this team you can receive information on the proposed clinic’s facilities, the daily programs, the exercise facilities, the food and even their success rates. You can rest assured that your friend and/or family member will be sent to a treatment centre that is able to get them back on the path of an addiction free life.

For more useful information and advice on a local addiction clinic near you, contact We Do Recover and chat to one of their specialised consultants

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