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Nobody will argue that drug addiction is a dangerous disease that can be fatal.  If left untreated it progresses until eventually the addict is living in a nightmare.
It is seen as a chronically relapsing illness, and many addicts do in fact relapse back into active addiction after some clean time.  This is however not compulsory, and it is possible to get it right the first time in drugs addiction treatment.
You may have tried to stop using drugs by yourself and probably know how hard it is.  Drugs addiction treatment is an opportunity to halt the progression of this illness and to reclaim your life.  It should be grasped with both hands as if it were a lifebelt thrown to you at sea.  If you work the program to the best of your ability and do everything you can to get it right the first time in drugs addiction treatment you will have a very good chance of getting recovery and enjoying a life free of drugs. 

So how exactly can you get it right the first time in drugs addiction treatment?

Get drugs addiction treatment right first time – tip 1

It is possible to have a good treatment outcome even if you are admitted unwillingly to a rehab.  However, rehab is much like anything else in life.  The more effort you put in, the more benefit you get out.  Even if you’ve arrived unwillingly you might as well make the best of it right?  So tip number one is to approach your drugs addiction treatment with an open mind.  Allow the program to work and don’t fight it.  And if you’ve been forced into rehab think about this – if you get it right first time you won’t have to come back.

Get drugs addiction treatment right first time – tip 2

The concepts taught in a drugs addiction treatment are simple.  However there is a huge difference between understanding a concept intellectually and accepting it internally.  The visible difference between understanding and acceptance is ACTION.  If you accept the principles of the program your behaviour will change.  If your behaviour changes then your life changes.  So tip number 2 is to try and apply the concepts directly and practically in your daily life.  You’ll find it is more difficult to accept concepts than it is to understand them!

Get drugs addiction treatment right first time – tip 3

Research has shown that generally speaking the longer you spend in treatment the better outcome you will have.  You should make sure that you complete your program and don’t leave early.  It often happens that an addict becomes uncomfortable with the emotional process they are working through.  They can’t use drugs to deal with the emotional distress and so find themselves unable to deal with the emotions.  This is of course part of the therapeutic process – you need to learn how to deal with stress.  But some addicts will rather try and run from the pain, they will discharge themselves from treatment without completing.  This is unlikely to yield a positive treatment outcome.  This means that tip 3 is – stay the course!

Get drugs addiction treatment right first time – tip 4

Staying focused on your issues is important, no matter how uncomfortable this may be.  One way that some addicts defocus is by forming an exclusive relationship with another patient.  This can take the form of spending a large amount of time with this patient or even starting to form a romantic relationship.  This has two potential dangers – firstly it means that you no longer get input from the rest of the community which reduces the benefit you receive from groups and secondly it means that you are no longer focused on your treatment.  Tip 4 – Spend an equal amount of time with everybody in the community.
If you’re at the point where you want to stop using drugs and want to make sure that you leave nothing to chance then don’t delay in calling an intake coordinator at We Do Recover.  They will offer you expert advice in finding an effective treatment option.

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