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Substance abuse is the term used to describe the unhealthy use of mind and mood altering chemicals. This can involve the use of illegal (street) drugs or over the counter medications and even prescription drugs from a doctor for a purpose other than what they were medically intended. Inhalants and solvents such as aerosols, glue and petrol also falls under the group of substances that are abused.  Many people have varied ideas about what substance abuse really is and there are many mistaken beliefs about drug addiction and treatment.

Probably the most common myth around drug abuse is that the patient has to willingly enter rehab for treatment to be effective. Most substance abusers are forced into treatment centers and this external pressure from family, friends, employers and even the court system can go a long way to enhancing substance abuse treatment effectiveness!

Generally the use of drugs on a recreational or occasional basis is not seen as abuse, but in reality this is still a dangerous venture. The fact is that most of these substances are illegal and could have legal consequences for the user. Many people abuse drugs such as alcohol, cocaine, heroin, LSD, ecstasy, cannabis and amphetamines, which are generally used to alleviate stress, feelings of inadequacy, lack of coping skills or for recreation. The unfortunate truth is that many people experiment with drugs just to see what they are like. They then become occasional users and before they know it they are hooked and abusing substances on a regular basis.

When substance abuse results in a drug addiction is not something that is easily dealt with and recovered from. When trying to get help with substance abuse you can enhance your chances of achieving long term, contented recovery with the help of professionals in the drug addiction counselling field. It may not be immediately apparent that someone is abusing a substance initially but when the dependency grows it will become more evident as they will show symptoms of mood swings, lack of appetite, loss of interest in hobbies and leisure activities, neglect of responsibilities and break down of close relationships. An individual abusing substances in this way will require therapy and guidance in order to help them work through personal issues that may have contributed to the abuse, but more importantly what they can do today to begin to take responsibility for their illness and recovery.

If you know someone that you fear may be abusing substances, whether legal or illegal, then we may be able to help. We can provide a wealth of information on substance abuse and our treatment referrals could even arrange an assessment or admission to a rehabilitation centre in your area that will be able to provide help at a cost effective price.

Contact one of our substance abuse treatment coordinators today to receive the information and help you require with drug abuse today.

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