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How To Get Yourself Through Depression

If you are suffering from depression, rest assured that there’s no easy way out. Even if you managed to get treatment, recovery is a long process, but it’s most definitely worth the effort. While it may be lengthy, it doesn’t mean that you should be relaxing. In order to avoid falling into the same trap again, there are things that you can do to make sure that you stay feeling better. If you’re wondering what they are, we’re going to tell you how to get yourself through depression.

Be Active

While this may seem as the last thing that you want to do, staying busy plays an important role in helping those trying to overcome depression. However, set realistic goals, one’s that you can achieve, as setting goals that are too ambitious can lead to disappointment, which is not a good thing at this sensitive stage. Start with small goals and break them up into more manageable achievements. For example, read a book and instead of trying to finish it in one day, aim to read a certain amount of pages or chapters. Or you can even tackle any letters you might have.  But don’t try to attend to them all at once. Separate the important messages to the lesser ones and tackle the high priority ones first.

Rebuild Relationships

One of the most common symptoms of depression is the isolation from family and friends or even the neglecting of activities that were once important in your life. Now that the recovery process started, it provides you with the opportunity to rebuild any relationships that may have been strained or even catch up on the activities that were neglected. But do not force it. Instead of trying to be the star of the show, visit the people you love individually instead of in a group. It also helps to speak to the ones you love, as these are usually people that will support you through this tough time. However this person should only listen and refrain from giving advice. This may aggravate the depression problem you’re currently experiencing. Also, look to catch up on time lost for previously enjoyed activities. It could be a sport or even a hobby. These are usually the things that can have an almost instantaneous effect on the way we feel.

Stay Away From Alcohol or Drugs

One of the main reasons why people start using alcohol or drugs is to change the way that they feel. The pleasurable effects of it are only temporary, but once it wears off, it will only make you feel worse.

Avoid Making Major Life Changes

When someone is suffering from depression, rational thinking usually goes out of the window. Even if you are getting treatment, refrain from making major life decisions such as leaving your job or your partner, even if it may seem to you now that it’s making you unhappy. It could simply be a reaction to the way you’re currently feeling.

Depression Help

If you are suffering from depression, we want to help you. We provide access into the best depression clinics in South Africa, the United Kingdom and Thailand. Call us now and let one of our qualified counsellors find the best treatment available near you.

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