How Bad is Your Drinking?

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There’s a very fine line between drinking socially and abusing alcohol. Unfortunately, many people have a distorted idea about which bracket they actually fall under.

These days, you’ll find that most parties or social events simply cannot do without the presence of alcohol. It’s the lifeblood that supposedly keeps things entertaining. And don’t even try to drink in moderation! You’ll be seen as a ‘party-pooper’ or someone that just doesn’t want to have fun.

Sadly, the statistics don’t lie. The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that alcohol abuse is responsible for over 2.5 million deaths all around the world each year.

Just because alcohol is legal doesn’t make it safe. If you abuse it, it has the ability to damage and hurt everything you love and worked so hard for.

Here is some of the damage that alcohol abuse can cause:

  • Health problems such as liver disease and brain damage
  • Financial problems – alcohol isn’t cheap and using it practically every day does tally up eventually
  • Unemployment – arriving at work drunk or drinking alcohol on the job is something that your employer will most definitely frown upon. It may even tarnish your reputation to find a job elsewhere!
  • Broken relationships – You’re not the only one that will be affected by alcohol abuse, your family members and close friends will be the ones that will suffer too. You may even end up divorced and isolated from family and friends
  • You’ll also be more at risk of injury, for example, driving under the influence of alcohol may lead to car accidents

These are just some of the things that may happen to you if you abuse alcohol. But how do you know if you have a drinking problem?

Am I an Alcohol Abuser?

If you are wondering if you are someone that abuses alcohol, here are 10 tell-tale signs to find out:

  • You drink with the sole purpose to get drunk
  • You aren’t able to limit how much alcohol you drink
  • You need to drink more and more alcohol to get drunk now than what you did previously (This is known as alcohol tolerance)
  • Your drinking is beginning to affect your performance at work and your personal life
  • You drink alcohol at strange times of the day and at inappropriate places, for example, in the morning, at work or even while you drive
  • Your financial state is suffering because of your need to constantly drink alcohol
  • You change when you are under the influence of alcohol, for example, you behave differently and you take more risks than usual.
  • You lie to family members and friends about how much alcohol you drink
  • You constantly crave alcohol and become agitated or irritated when it’s not available
  • You use alcohol to get rid of any stress or anxiety that you may be feeling

If you can relate to any of the above, then it’s a clear sign that you have a drinking problem. It’s important that you get professional help as soon as possible, as the longer alcohol abuse is left untreated, the worse it will become.

We can provide you with immediate admission into the best private alcohol treatment centres in South Africa, the United Kingdom and Thailand. Call us now and let one of our addiction counsellors give you free, confidential and expert advice.

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