How to Stop Drinking. Part Two

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Some of the consequences of problem drinking that you may be familiar with are

Warnings at work for late-coming and underperformance.
Arrests for driving under the influence.
Loss of friendships and partners.
Medical complaints. All easily traced to the alcoholic’s unusual attachment to the bottle.

“How to stop drinking?” Surely, a question only a problem drinker would ask. Why? The answer to this is as simple as it is baffling.
When an alcoholic loses their job, their alcohol addiction almost forbids them to employ common sense. In the alcoholic’s mind, they were fired because of a spiteful boss. The job was lost because no one could understand the brilliance of their strategies, which may only reap rewards over the longer term and no-one could see the ‘bigger picture’ long term view that they could.
“Watch them miss me when I’m gone”, says the alcoholic. To the alcoholic, their friends have not abandoned them because of their drinking, but because they couldn’t extend themselves to understand the alcoholic. “Who needs friends like that, people who won’t go the extra mile to understand my situation?”
Research has also proven that if an alcoholic asks for help, the sooner they get it, the more likely a successful outcome from treatment will be. So there’s a direct beneficial link to getting treatment as soon as possible.
If an alcoholic asks for help to stop drinking it may indicate that they are beginning to make the same connection between their drinking and its negative impact on their lives (as is so apparent to the rest of the world). While the alcohol addiction is still alive and kicking, the delusion and denial may be finally crumbling.
In some instances this may be a pivotal moment. It requires rapid and decisive action before the window of sanity closes.
An alcoholic, by definition, cannot stop drinking alone. His or her defences are so fragile, that despite themselves and against the instinct of self preservation, they continue to drink alcohol.
How to stop drinking? Contact us today to arrange an immediate referral for addiction assessment and potential admission to the best private alcohol detox clinics and long term rehabilitation centres. If you or someone you love has a drinking problem – get help right now.
Finding an alcohol rehab centre that will provide a medically monitored detoxification and comprehensive treatment for alcoholism is our speciality. All our rehab centres help alcoholic patients to develop a long term sustainable recovery plan that is supported through attendance at aftercare groups and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.
Find someone who understands the difficulties involved in stopping drinking alcohol call us today and find a clinic that meets your exact needs taking into consideration your budget, location, aftercare, medical and psychiatric needs. 

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