Is Addiction a physical or medical illness?

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An addiction is both a physical and mental illness. Once someone is an alcoholic or drug addict they are physically dependent on the substance and the craving for the substance is strong they physically cannot give up without help. Medical intervention can help with detoxification and initially stopping using the drug or alcohol, but these medicines cannot be used long term. Part of the treatment for  the addiction is being able to remain sober or drug free. This requires counselling and support and a different kind of therapy. It is dealing with the mental part of the illness. Whereas a successful detox can takes a few days, a successful rehab will take 4-12 weeks, and the longer the better the chance of remaining in recovery for a long time.

The final stage in treatment of addiction is some kind of ongoing care and many reputable treatment centres will provide this; the ongoing support and counselling by a trained addictions counsellor is helpful is keeping the person sober or drug free. For help in accessing treatment for addiction, contact one of our rehab advisors and get the benefit of an internationally accredited addictions counsellor with 20 years experience in addictions. Our addiction treatment services can help you select the best rehabilitationfor your addiction. There is no charge for this advice and we can often arrange discounted rates at selected treatment centres.

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