Is addiction treatment really an effective treatment?

We Do Recover

The success rates of addictions treatment depends many factors, but the old myth that the addict or alcoholic has to enter rehab highly motivated for it to work has been proven to be untrue. Most people addicted to alcohol or other drugs enter rehab with little desire to get treated and live without their addiction, and this has no bearing on whether addiction treatment is effective or not. Although any initial detoxification process may involve medication and traditional treatments to stop or reduce many of the side effects, the main treatment for an addiction is actually the counselling or therapy work.  This is very important in helping the person realise that they can change and give them the resources and motivation to change and stay changed.

Many people benefit from a period in residential rehab, away from their previous surroundings and habits as this provides an easier introduction to living in recovery. The successful treatment centres focus on helping the patient develop coping strategies for everyday life.  If you lucky enough to get into a rehab treatment centre close to where you live then ongoing sessions will help increase the chances of staying in recovery. There is no magic pill for addiction treatment, but the right advice, therapy and counselling will help a person ‘treat themselves’ and allow them to remain in recovery for a long time. It is therefore very important that the right treatment centre is found, one that will provide the right level of care and ongoing support. WeDoRecover can advise on the most suitable addiction treatment centres for your particular condition. Although location is a very important consideration, other factors such as type of care and level of accommodation are also important.

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