We Do Recover

Johannesburg or Egoli (place of gold), whilst never having been the political capital of South Africa has certainly been the economic hub of SA and the entire Southern African region. The JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exchange) is the largest in Africa and Joburg, the local abbreviation for Johannesburg, has a pulsating African vibe that visitors adore.

Whilst nowhere near as frenetic as London or New York, Johannesburg is refreshingly cosmopolitan and blends the best that Africa has to offer with big city efficiency. Johannesburg attracts many visitors from not only the rest of South Africa but visitors from around the world. Many people come to Johannesburg, Gauteng to benefit from world class medical care (plastic surgery, dental care, orthopedics as well as treatment for addictions to various drugs and alcoholism rehabilitation.

Because the quality of medical care is so high, and due to the weak local currency (South African Rand), Johannesburg and Gauteng attract many guests from England (UK), Europe and the Middle East for quality addictions treatment.

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