List of Addiction Symptoms

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This list of addiction symptoms aims to touch on some of the warning signs that hallmark drug abuse and drug addiction.
This listing of symptoms is by no means exhaustive and if you’re concerned about your own or a loved one’s drinking or drug taking please call us immediately to discuss potential treatment options.  If we were to catalogue every drug addiction withdrawal symptom and resultant behavioural symptoms it would be too extensive, please call us right now if you need more specific addiction advice.
It’s important to keep in mind that one or two symptoms alone are not enough to suspect or accuse someone you know of secretly having a drug addiction. However when the list of symptoms start to stack up, then it may be time to think a little more carefully about what could be going on.
People addicted to drugs are usually ashamed of their symptoms and the shame they feel consequently turns them into people who are very good at hiding things. You may find they begin to act out of character becoming secretive and even deceptive about how they are spending their free time and their money.
The over-spending of money is one of the things an addict may not be able to hide if they are in family situation. If there are unexpected bank withdrawals and nothing to show for it this could indeed be one symptom that an addiction has taken hold of that person. It’s a common and entirely mistaken belief, that all addicts are criminals and in particular thieves but this doesn’t always hold true.
There maybe times, usually at a point fairly deep into the drug addiction where withdrawal symptoms or fear of them will make an addict act out of sheer desperation and steal.
Withdrawal symptoms from certain substances have both a mental and physical effect on the addict and simply ‘pulling him or herself together’ isn’t a possibility.  It’s important that during this stage they have professional treatment from people who understand the uncontrollable physical craving and the mental obsession to continue their addiction which may be coupled with a physical sickness. These addiction treatment professionals won’t judge or lecture patients but will assist them through recommended detoxification medication if needed.
A drug addiction rehab centre is a specially designed clinic with staff qualified in all aspects of treatment and who will help the patient through this period of rehabilitation understanding that the process really only begins after the physical detoxification is complete.
The actual treatment of drug addiction symptoms can only begin once the patient is engaged in the daily timetable of individual counselling, group therapy, lectures and family conferences.
When considering how to approach someone close to you if you believe they may have a drug addiction problem it’s important to not be accusing or confrontational. On the flip side do not allow your fear of the situation to cause you to remain silent. Ask them if there is a problem they would like to share with you , if they say no , remind them you are there and you won’t judge them when they are ready to talk. If they are willing to open up to you ask them if they would like help tackling the problem and then make moves to get professional drug addiction counselling help.
When a drug addict makes the decision to ask for help in finding treatment and getting clean it’s a big step for them and a brave one, they know what lies ahead is unlikely to be pleasant but must be done in order to regain a quality of life.
Amongst other common findings on the list of drug addiction symptoms are peculiar changes in personality, for example someone may go from being hyper and full of life one day, to the next time you see them looking fatigued to the point of nodding off.  Certain addictive substances tend to give addicts a very specific look in their eyes which could be described as ‘Glassy’.
Other drug addiction symptoms could be dilated pupils or ‘pinned’ tiny pupils. As addiction takes hold they may begin skipping regular activities or even school or work to partake or recover.
If you’re concerned about your own or a loved one’s drug abuse and addiction symptoms, please contact us immediately for independent and expert advice on your local treatment centres & services.

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