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Heroin is an opium-like substance obtained from morphine. It is one of the most widely used addictive drugs with extremely negative side effects.

People addicted to heroin can find affordable detoxification and rehab programmes that will enable recovery without having to go through extended and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

Eliminating heroin from the body through detoxification is but a first step in the addiction recovery process. An effective heroin detox program should be designed to meet the needs of the patient as heroin addiction is difficult to overcome.

The heroin addict’s nervous system becomes dependent on the opiate drug and detoxification without medical intervention can make the withdrawal symptoms a lot worse than they need to be.

Facts About Heroin

Heroin is mostly used as both a pain killer and a recreational drug. Due to its high potential for abuse, heroin is prohibited in all countries. Research has shown that the use of heroin over three days may cause addiction. If it is suddenly stopped after those three days there is a big chance of suffering withdrawal symptoms. Heroin is also called black tar, junk, smack, horse, chiva, and brain, as well as other street names.

Heroin as with other opiates are physically addictive. Heroin detox is necessary when the body adapts to the continual exposure of the drug and more and more is needed to reduce the intense urge for the drug.

Symptoms of Heroin Addiction

The reason people use heroin is because of the feeling of euphoria coupled with complete relaxation that it induces.

Heroin is either taken orally (snorted), smoked, or it is injected into the bloodstream. Apart from the risk of addiction, other potentials hazards of using heroin include blood poisoning, constipation and decreased kidney function. Injecting heroin with dirty needles can also spread diseases such as HIV and AIDS, hepatitis etc.

Heroin Detox and Treatment

Heroin detox is the first important step to recovery from heroin addiction. Heroin detox helps to eliminate the harmful effects of heroin from the body.

However, treatment continues from there as detox only deals with physical cleansing. Emotional, mental and spiritual recovery also needs to take place. Detoxification need not be expensive; there are numerous low cost, affordable options that are provided carefully and under professional supervision to avoid the negative effects of heroin withdrawal.

Symptoms of heroin withdrawal include intense drug craving, restlessness, muscle and bone pain, nausea, diarrhea, agitation, depression, anxiety, abdominal pain, insomnia, chills, sweating, sniffing, sneezing, weakness and irritability.

The withdrawal symptoms usually start within 8 hours of not using the drug and it can peak after two to four days. Sudden detoxification from heroin is absolutely uncomfortable resulting in many relapses event though the patient has the best intentions to stay clean from heroin, so doing detoxification properly with medical professionals on hand is wise.

Heroin detoxification will more than likely involve administering medication to reduce withdrawal effects.

Although challenging and scary, withdrawal symptoms are manageable in a low cost heroin detox clinic. Medication is used to aid the addicted patient through the process as painlessly as possible. Prescription medications used to decrease discomfort include methadone and subutex.

Methadone is a synthetic opiate that has a very long half life, does not induce a rapid high and reduces the urge for heroin, while preventing the severe withdrawal symptoms. Other medications may include suboxone, tranquilizers and other drugs that are prescribed accordingly and to manage your symptoms.

These medications act like heroin without the high and are given in gradually decreasing doses. Because they act like heroin they are very effective in low cost heroin detox management of withdrawal symptoms.

Although there are improvements in medically supervised heroin detox, unless the containment is sufficient, client discomfort is high and dropouts are common. Because of this, ultra-rapid, anesthesia-assisted opioid withdrawal procedures are offered as a fast, painless way to withdraw from heroin.

Studies have shown however, that this procedure is risky and could result in death, psychosis, increased stress, delirium, suicide attempts, abnormal heart rhythm and severe renal failure. It is also extremely expensive.

Withdrawal symptoms are the biggest obstacle in heroin detox. There is no proof that one detox treatment is better than another. Relapses are common and statistics show that an average heroin addict will stop and start detox 10 to 25 times in their life relapsing to heroin use regularly.

Without the proper medical supervision convulsions or seizures may take place. Fortunately addicts usually finish the detox between five and seven days.

Heroin detox first involves admitting that there is a problem, looking for medical assistance, remaining focused on the end result, attending addiction rehab treatment and continuing treatment through an aftercare programme.

Unfortunately there is no simple cure-all or guarantee that relapse will not happen. Determination to keep seeking help even through the struggles and support from family, friends and professionals are necessary factors.

Although heroin detox is the first step to recovery, it is not the only step. Getting clean and remaining clean needs a comprehensive program that will deal with the causes of your addiction so that you can move towards a drug addiction free future.

Seeking Low Cost Heroin Detox

Although many heroin detox programmes are exorbitantly priced, there are low cost heroin detox centres available as well.

Contact one of our drug addiction treatment consultants today for information on detox programmes and rehab centres to suit your requirements. Ask about facilities offering heroin detoxification and treatment in your area.

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