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Detoxification is a process where toxic substances are removed from the body. This is also used to describe the period of time when a person addicted to drugs or alcohol suffers withdrawals due to a lack of their ‘drug of choice’ after a long period of abuse.

When looking to recover from a long term addiction it is advised to first undergo patient detoxification. Addiction is a threefold illness (physical, mental and spiritual) and addressing the physical through a detoxification is but a beginning on what’s needed to attain lasting recovery. In effect, a patient detoxification is necessary but not equal to recovery.

When alcoholics and drug addicts hear that there is a ‘spiritual’ component to their illness they generally tend to shudder slightly or roll their eyes! People addicted to drugs and alcohol can be incredibly cynical and need to learn that spirituality is a much needed component of their recoveries if they hope to live in harmony with themselves and their fellow man.

Effective addiction and alcohol rehabilitation needs to start with a patient detoxification and continue into a therapeutic process where clients learn that spirituality can be as simple as helping one another to get through each day clean and sober. Or the ‘spirit’ with which they do things, being more concerned with their fellow patients and not always being so self seeking and self centred.

These basic tenants of a practical spirituality are the cornerstones with which they can begin to build a long lasting contented recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Alcohol detoxification is done in order to return an addicts body back to its natural state after being used to having large amounts of alcohol provided to it on a continual basis. Suffering withdrawals from alcohol without the assistance of medication can result in severe health complications and even death.

When seeking help for drug detox get professional medical assistance to reduce the physical discomforts of withdrawals, ensuring your physical safety and receive addictions counselling.  When trying to live without the intake of drugs, after being addicted it can prove very difficult.

In both drug and alcohol addiction, detoxification is not used as a treatment, but merely as a starting point before therapy and psychological exercises are carried out. We Do Recover are a team that can assist you to find a treatment centre that offers affordable and effective patient detoxification.

With the help of this team you can gather more information on substance abuse and addiction, be advised on which treatment centres in your area are most suited to your specific case and even be given more information on each centre proposed. This will include details such as meals provided, exercise facilities at the centre, programs involved during the day and the treatment success rate of each chemical dependency centre.

With over 20 years of experience in the drug and rehabilitation market, We Do Recover is able to provide you with relevant advice and ensure that you are pointed in the right direction for effective recovery.

Take the time to contact We Do Recover and chat to them about the various patient detoxification programs available in your area today.

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