Registered Detox Treatment

Alcohol or drug detoxification is the first step on a journey to long-term recovery, yet it is a very important first step. It is vital to participate in a registered detox treatment that you can trust and not have to worry about the quality of addictions treatment you are receiving.  One of the first things to look for when attempting to withdraw from drugs or alcohol is for trustworthy medical staff to monitor the detoxification process and to give quick, professional and trained help, which is needed as you try to eliminate the results and effects of alcohol and drugs from your body.

The first part of detoxification and cleansing for an alcoholic or addict is to get rid of every trace of the substance from the body. Substance abuse can cause physical addiction to drugs or alcohol and the management of withdrawal symptoms through detoxification eliminates the alcohol or other drugs from the body.

This is a difficult process and a great number of people addicted to alcohol or other drugs are not prepared in any way for their detoxification. A registered detox treatment will not only deal with drug and alcohol detoxification, but it will also help to deal with the emotional and mental aspects during withdrawal. It is key to go through detox and eliminate the toxins in the body before one can begin to address any underlying emotional or mental issues associated with the addiction to alcohol or other drugs.

Without effective and professional detoxification, the remains of alcohol or drugs in the body may continue to cause intense cravings, which can hamper attempts at achieving addiction recovery.

One of the definitions of detoxification is the amount of time it takes for a person to overcome his or her physical dependence and need for alcohol and/or drugs. In a registered detox treatment centre, the process will be carefully and closely monitored by professionally trained medical staff who are experienced in working with substance abusers and the moods, temperaments and effects of addiction while on the road to recovery.

The aim of a registered detox treatment is to physically free the person addicted to alcohol or other drugs of the addictive effect and to guide them through this challenging period with minimal pain and maximum success.

A detox treatment centre should provide expert advice and guidance to the clients in their program to enable them on their journey to long-term recovery. Detoxification is usually done within an inpatient facility to receive the help and supervision that makes detoxification a little easier. Once the detoxification process is complete, it is advisable to participate in a rehabilitation programme. A registered detox treatment will guide you in this direction and may even provide a follow-up rehab programme.

Going through drug or alcohol detox is not a great experience and it often causes physical and emotional symptoms. Many who have gone through Detox describe the experience as traumatic, even though they recognise its validity and necessity. Drug and alcohol withdrawal may result in physical and mental side effects that can be mild or rather severe. This is one of the reasons for the importance of a registered detox treatment with the experience and specialised training required. Some of the withdrawal symptoms include   headaches, the ‘shakes’, nausea, insomnia and sometimes even seizures, so supervision is absolutely essential.

A detox program may take from around three to seven days, after which a rehabilitation programme needs to be participated in. It’s a challenging process, which needs to be continued with an aftercare programme, however with the guidance of a registered detox treatment centre, and the support of loved ones, there is the real possibility of a healthy and lasting recovery with as little stress as possible.

If you need help in choosing the right registered detox treatment centre for yourself or a loved one, call us on 082-74-REHAB (73422) in South Africa or 0808-26-REHAB (73422) in the UK for confidential guidance.

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