Helping a Loved One Find a Rehab Centre

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Getting help for a drug or alcohol addiction is a life changing decision.
When your loved one needs help, you‘ll need to assess which rehab centre is most appropriate to help him or her overcome the addiction. Choosing the right rehabilitation centre is vital, as a clinic that doesn’t provide comprehensive treatment, most suitable for each individual addict won’t provide the best chance at recovery and may contribute to relapse. Regardless of the type of addiction your loved one has, there are some things you must double check before you commit to treatment at a specific rehab centre.
Does the Rehab Centre Offer Personalized Treatment Plans?
There are some instances when a rehab centre can offer a one-size-fits-all treatment program that will be effective. This is usually the case when the addiction isn’t too severe. If your loved one has a severe addiction or has been addicted for a long time, a personalised treatment plan is always the better option. While most treatment plans are based on the preferred method of the rehab centre, these plans can often be customized to help the addict deal with the underlying problems that led to the addiction and can contribute to relapse.
Can Your Loved One Afford the Rehab Centre?
Finding a rehab centre that your loved one can afford is a vital part of keeping your loved one successful in staying off of drugs or alcohol. While it may seem better to head to a high-priced rehab centre, the stress of having to pay for the program may drive your loved one right back to the substances he or she was abusing. Additionally, the higher priced programs may not be as effective as a moderately priced one. It is key to find a program that meets the needs of your loved one, as well as the budget of your loved one to help maximize the potential for success in the future.
Your Family Member DOES NOT Need to be “Ready for a Rehab Centre”!
Many people still believe that going to rehab isn’t going to do your loved one any good unless he or she is ready to put forth the effort of getting clean when in fact it’s been proven that pre-admission motivation has little to do with a successful treatment outcome!
The myth that if you force your loved one into rehab, doing so can push them farther away from sobriety is inaccurate. One factor of being addicted to alcohol or other drugs is being in denial of just how bad the addiction is. This is normal and it’s the job of the rehab centre addiction treatment consultants to work with patients to increase their awareness of the problem and to help them to take responsibility for their recovery.
Of course, if things are really bad with the addiction, you may have to stage an intervention to get your loved one to go to treatment at a rehab centre.
Are You Ready for Your Loved One to Go to Rehab?
Addiction treatment is really a family effort, and all quality rehab centre’s have Family Programmes’ that you’ll be encouraged to attend. Doing so will help you to better understand addiction and the best stance that you can adopt to help your family member get into, and stay in recovery.
Completing treatment at a quality rehab centre is no easy task and knowing how best to support your loved one may be the key to their continued sobriety. The road won’t be an easy road to travel, but with some help from the professionals at the centre, you can help your loved one to succeed.
As you embark upon this journey, remember that the rehab centre is just the beginning of a life-long recovery since the addict will always have to engage in self development to stay one step ahead of the temptation to go back to alcohol or other drugs.

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