Rehabilitation Centres – Part One

We Do Recover

South Africa has many world class rehabilitation centres to choose from. In fact they’re so good that literally thousands of UK patients travel to South African treatment centres each year.
People from many other countries across the globe have discovered that the favourable exchange rate and high quality of staff make South Africa an ideal destination for drug addiction treatment. Mostly the rehabs are attracting patients from the UK, Europe and the Middle East.
Countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have wealthy families and little in the way of quality alcohol abuse or drug addiction treatment centres. People that find themselves addicted can afford to travel to South Africa enjoying longer treatment period and it’s been proven that longer rehabilitation periods lead to better treatment results!
If you or a loved one is struggling to overcome addiction to alcohol or drugs please call one of our treatment counsellors today. We can help to arrange everything from flights to Medical Visa’s and a seamless transition from the airport to the rehabilitation centre.
Often our addiction counsellors are asked to escort or chaperone patients from abroad to the clinic in South Africa or from the rehab back to their home countries.
We also do addiction interventions helping the family to plan and find ways to leverage the alcohol or drug addicted patient into effective treatment. Please email or call us right now for help in getting into a suitable rehabilitation centre.
You’ll find that all of our referral network rehabilitation centres are based on internationally accepted clinical protocols and offer similar treatment programs no matter where they are in the world.  We work with only the best rehabs in the UK, South Africa and a few in Thailand too.
Drug addiction treatment programs have developed over the past few decades and are now reaching a point where they are showing a 70-80% success rate of patients maintaining their recovery over a 3 year benchmark. This is hugely rewarding for patients who are  motivated to work the program.
Drug addiction treatment in rehabilitation centres will start with a medically supervised detoxification.  This process usually lasts at least few days but can last longer depending on particular individual – how much of what substance has been used, and for how long.
People who are drug addicted become dependent on the substance and suffer withdrawal symptoms when they stop using.  Drug detoxification helps the person to manage the process of stopping using.
Doctors will prescribe medication to ease the unpleasant effects and will monitor the patient for any dangerous medical conditions that may arise.  This is why detox in rehabilitation centres is more successful than trying to do this by yourself.
Only 4% of drug addicted people manage to stay clean for one year without professional treatment. Call us right now to arrange a referral to a quality rehabilitation centre near you for assessment of your specific situation and a bespoke treatment plan.
In Part two of our article on rehabilitation centres we discuss what happens after alcohol and drug detoxification and the actual treatment process.

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