Relapse Prevention Treatment Programmes

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Giving up drugs and striving towards an addiction free life is not something that is easily done. Nor is it a one-time experience. It requires a lifetime of vigilance and work to ensure the prevention of a relapse. While one rehab stay may be enough to help certain individuals, it really does vary from person to person and a great many people do unfortunately relapse, some more than once even.

This is often due to life stresses, moments of high or low emotions placing themselves in a dangerous situation by spending time with unhealthy friends who may still be abusing drugs and/or alcohol. Relapse prevention is actually a treatment approach whereby high risk situations for the patient are identified and discussed, after which preventative measures are put in place. This is done by putting goals in place and creating a plan to meet those goals. Many treatment facilities take on this approach with their addiction treatment courses.

Relapse is something that is often experienced by addicts who have recently quit. Being placed back in their life situation they are faced with cravings, memories, expectations, shaky coping skills, difficult relationships and a changed emotional state. Handling all these things can sometimes seem like too great a task and the addict will seek the comfort of their prior ways. A little known fact is that relapse rates for addiction are similar to those of other chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and asthma.

The point of addiction treatment, however, is to fully equip one to handle these situations after treatment and to seek advice and assistance when they feel a possible back slide approaching. With the help of We Do Recover you can find a rehab centre to provide treatment that focuses on relapse prevention. We Do Recover is a professional addictions focussed team that is dedicated to ensuring that those in need of drug and alcohol rehabilitation have access to it and at a rate that they can afford.

Featuring rehab centres and facilities in Gauteng, Cape Town and other parts of the Western Cape like the Garden Route, and Kwa-Zulu-Natal (KZN) We Do Recover is well equipped to point you in the right direction when it comes to finding a centre with sufficient treatment programs, good exercise facilities, healthy meals and a great success rate.

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