Seeking Drug Addiction Treatment from Overseas in South Africa

We Do Recover

South Africa has long been recognised as a centre of excellence for drug addiction treatment and alcohol rehab.
As well as superb overall quality of care, South Africa has the added advantage of being able to provide addiction treatment programmes at a fraction of the cost compared to the majority of UK, European and Middle Eastern rehab clinics; and with current exchange rates extremely favourable to overseas clients, it is no wonder that people are opting for this choice.
South African drug addiction treatment programmes are of a particular high standard, and whilst still very intensive, clinics have the added advantage of providing fresh cuisine, numerous outdoor activities and recreational excursions in a beautiful environment which helps in showing patients that there is an enjoyable life after being addicted to alcohol and other drugs.
Addiction rehabs in South Africa are attentive to each individuals overall health and wellbeing, providing treatment at a fraction of what patients would pay in their home countries.
Patients seeking a top quality addiction treatment centre in the UK can expect to pay a minimum of £16,000 for a 28 day Primary care rehab. In South Africa, a similar quality of care (facilities, accommodation, nursing, counselling) for 28 days can be found for as low as £4,000.
With our warm climate and culture, good food and wide open spaces, it’s easy to see why so many foreigners are flocking to South African shores for a superb addiction treatment experience.
In some cases we provide intervention and chaperone services to assist patients and their families in any way we can. I think it does an immense benefit to get patients away from all their unhealthy and all too familiar playgrounds, playthings and playmates, breaking them away from their particular ‘culture of addiction’ and introducing them to a new way of life in South Africa.
Call us if we can help you or a loved one that’s developed an addiction or alcoholism problem.
We’re run clinics in both the UK and South Africa, so are familiar with both countries and have vast experience in addiction treatment.
Showing people that being clean and sober can be fun, exciting and adventurous is one bonus when coming to South Africa for quality addictions treatment.

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