Stop Drugs Advice – Part 2

This is the second part of our Stop Drugs Advice article – this first part of the  article can be found by clicking the ‘stop drugs advice’ link in this sentence. Patients at rehabs who incorporate these programmes are encouraged to attend 12-step meetings of these fellowships whilst undergoing addiction treatment within a therapeutic community. Attention is given to understanding the problems that drugs cause and how to stop addiction and commence living a drug free life.

So the best stop drugs advice is to take responsibility. Whether addiction is a problem you’re trying to stop or whether you’re the family and friends of the patient you probably need some advice on how best to help the addicted person stop taking drugs. Once you’ve sought professional stop drugs advice and devised a plan on how best to move forward the next piece of important advice for the patient is, don’t use today. We can often do things for short periods that would seem impossible to keep up for a longer time. A great gem of addiction advice that’ll help to stop taking drugs is to break up your day in to smaller chunks of time. It’s impossible to tackle our whole life problem at once, but just for right now we can mange not to drink any alcohol or use any drugs.

Breaking your day up into smaller time frames will help to make it more manageable. Between now and lunch time you can get through your life without having to resort to using drugs and that can be extended until mid afternoon and dinner then bed time. In this way we can break our days up into chunks of time that are easier for us to get through without using drugs or other mind and mood altering chemicals instead of imagining the next 30 years clean and sober!

A drug detox may be fundamental to successfully stopping using drugs. Most drug users feel that they cannot ask for help, often shame and guilt can be blocks to seeking stop drugs advice. It’s important to remember that you are not alone that many competent, intelligent, sensitive people become addicted to drugs and this does not mean that they are bad people who need to learn to be good, but rather sick people who suffer from a brain disease and need advice and treatment to help recover.

Most drug abusers quickly discover that they are not alone and that these emotions are less destructive when shared with others. Get professional addiction advice as soon as possible. As discussed above the best way to start giving up drugs is professional treatment.

The vitally needed period of detoxification will always be more effective if a multidisciplinary addiction team of treatment professionals manage the process. With the drug detox followed by a course of inpatient treatment involving group therapy, written work, lectures and perhaps family involvement if appropriate, an environment is created which allows further advice to be offered and accepted.

Moving forward with some clarity it is easier to understand the benefits of attending 12 Step Meetings and making the life style changes necessary to enjoy a drug free life.

There is a lot of advice available on how to live without drugs including paying attention to the physical aspects of health and fitness, building new interests in life, working on individual self esteem and personal growth, working with and helping others to grow in recovery through the 12 Step Groups, however, the most critical and indispensable pieces of advice are the first things that have to happen in order to start the journey;

  • Accept there is a problem.
  • Try not to use today.
  • Ask for help! Get professional help and support now. That is where the hope begins.

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