The Costs of Delaying Alcohol Treatment

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The Costs of Delaying Alcohol Treatment

Did you know that in the US, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) estimates that approximately 23,5 million people above the age of 12 need alcohol treatment, but only 2,6 million actually get help? This statistic is very alarming, if you consider how dangerous an alcohol abuse and addiction can be when it’s left untreated. It’s no secret that good quality alcohol treatment can be pricey and that a stay in rehab does take time in order to ensure the patient gets a good shot at a chance of recovery. But this shouldn’t be an excuse for not getting alcohol treatment for yourself or a loved one. Did you know that the costs of delaying alcohol treatment are far more expensive than actually getting professional help inside a rehab for alcoholism? Continue reading and we’ll tell you why.

Delaying Alcohol Treatment Damages Relationships

Alcohol addiction is often known as a ‘family disease’ as it doesn’t only affect the person with alcoholism, but also the people closest to them. The alcoholic may become violent, dishonest and irresponsible as the only thing that will be important is when, where and how they will be able to get their next drink, leaving family members, friends and even co-workers in the dark. Domestic violence can also be linked to alcohol addiction, even though substance abuse does not cause it. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), “The U.S. Department of Justice found that 61% of domestic violence offenders also have substance abuse problems.” The good news is that by getting alcohol treatment, it provides alcoholics with the opportunity to mend any relationships that were broken. Some rehabs even incorporate family therapy in their alcohol treatment programs, which helps ease the anger that the alcoholics loved ones might have and allow them to better understand the addiction.

Delaying Alcohol Treatment Damages the Body

When an alcohol addiction is present, the long-term effects of excessive drinking cause serious and sometimes irreparable damage to the body. The liver is often the body organ that’s affected the most by excessive alcohol use, as it breaks down and processes everything we eat or drink. The effects of alcoholism may cause hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver and cancer. However it’s not only the liver that’s affected by alcohol addiction, the brain may also suffer from long-term drinking by causing a lack of Thiamine (Vitamin B1). The lack of Thiamine in the body causes the brain to function abnormally, and over time it could cause eye paralysis, co-ordination problems and brain damage. Over time, all these effects may eventually lead to death, that’s why I ask, is delaying alcohol treatment really worth it?

Delaying Alcohol Treatment Affects Careers and Finance

When someone is addicted to alcohol, they will often begin to neglect important responsibilities and their work and career is one of them. With the fixation being completely focused on drinking, this may cause a loss of productivity and focus in the workplace. When there’s heavy machinery involved, accidents may even happen if the person comes to work intoxicated. This often leads to job loss, causing a loss of income and when someone is addicted to alcohol, they will often need money to fund this addiction. Alcohol addiction may also cause injury as many alcoholics engage in dangerous activities such as drunk driving, and the medical costs can be expensive, let alone the damage caused which can also be pricey.
Legal fees can also be very expensive, especially if the alcoholic engages in gets on the wrong side of the law. In the end, the costs of not getting alcohol treatment can far outweigh the costs of rehab.

Get Alcohol Treatment Now

If you or a loved one is suffering from alcoholism, it’s important that alcohol treatment is received immediately, as it’s a disease that will only get worse over time. However, finding the right alcohol treatment is just as important. Luckily, for you, we are here to help. We provide access to the best private alcohol treatment centres in South Africa, the United Kingdom and Thailand.

Call us now and let one of our qualified addiction counsellors find the best alcohol treatment for you.

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