Top Ten Myths about Alcohol & Drug Addiction Interventions-Part 2

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Addicted people can stop at their own discretion.
This is completely untrue. In fact, it is almost impossible for addicts to quit by themselves.
The likelihood of finding stable recovery without addiction counselling is rare as once you become addicted, there is no turning back to being un-addicted. You can’t un-pickle a pickle and return it to being a cucumber.
Once addicted you will be for rest of your life, what’s important to realise is that with professional addiction counselling you can learn more about your condition and begin to take responsibility for being in active recovery and not active addiction!
Around 4% of people addicted to alcohol and other drugs are able to stay clean and sober for 1 year without professional help and guidance.

Drug addicts and alcoholics are weak, horrible people.
People suffering from drug addiction are not bad people.  Their addiction is a brain disease which goes beyond their control, so it affects the way they perceive and behave in the world.
Having said that, as a part coming to a realization that they can no longer use drink & drugs, addicted people can cause much havoc and it’s best to contact us to find ways to adopt a healthier stance in relation to the patient that can get them some treatment sooner rather than later.

Punishment is the best way to cure addiction.
As drug addiction is a brain disease beyond the user’s control, the method of intervention should never be punishment.
Addicts need rehabilitation in a treatment centre to have the best chance of getting into long term recovery.

If you addicted to one drug, you’re addicted to all.
This does happen at times, but normally drug addicts are just dependent on one or two drugs. It depends on how the drugs match up with the brains chemistry.
It’s important to note that there is a danger of cross-addiction – alcoholics becoming addicted to prescription drugs, cocaine addicts becoming alcoholics etc. To give yourself the best chance of a stable and long term contented sobriety please contact us to find the most appropriate treatment for your specific & individual needs.

Hitting “rock bottom” will ensure that treatment works. 
Waiting before an addict reaches “rock bottom” could prove fatal.
There are many other intervention methods to motivate drug addicts to go for rehabilitation. Pressure from loved ones is sometimes the only thing that’s needed to convince an addict that they need treatment.
Contact us for more alcohol and drug addiction intervention information today!

Interventions make the situation worse.
“I don’t believe you would do this to me.”
Expect to hear something like that at first. Addicts will usually respond negatively when the intervention takes place.
A well-planned intervention should stay away from any arguments as once the addict sees that your only intention is to help them, they’re usually willing to go for treatment.
It’s of paramount importance that the intervention is planned by the family with a trained addiction treatment consultant to maximize the likelihood of a positive outcome form the intervention and the subsequent addiction treatment.
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