Treatments for Prescription Drug Abuse

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The recent recognition that prescription drug abuse is not only increasing but that it’s a serious addiction and requires specialized treatment has been a long time coming. Some research shows the abuse of prescription drugs coming second only to marijuana abuse.
As there are many forms of prescribed medicine drug abuse, it is advised that the user, family member, or friend calls to speak with one of our trained addiction treatment consultants so we can help in choosing an effective treatment for prescription drug abuse.
Prescription Drug Abuse Summary:
There are three major prescription drug categories that people are prone to abuse:

·Opioids which are taken for pain relief. (For example: codeine (Myprodol®) and propoxyfene (Doxyfene®), Vicodin and Percocet).
·Central Nervous System (CNS) Depressants  which are  prescribed for insomnia, anxiety and depression. (For example: Xanax and Valium).
·Stimulants which are taken for depression, ADHD, and weight loss. (For example Adderal and Ritalin).

If medication is taken as prescribed then no issues should arise. Prescription drug abusers tend to multiply the recommended dosage, or take the drug long after the specified date of the prescription runs out.
People who need treatment for prescription drug abuse may buy on the black market, falsify scripts or go to different medical practitioners to guarantee the supply of their drugs.
With constant abuse the user’s brain begins to function differently as it becomes addicted to the drug. Gradually, the prescription pill drug abuser is only able to perform certain daily tasks with the assistance of the medication. In the end the user functions in their life only through the continued abuse of prescription drugs.
Further complications can occur if one then drinks alcohol and/or takes illegal substances on top of the prescribed drugs.
This is when the addict’s life can spiral out of control, they may hit rock bottom and they need an intervention and help getting into addiction treatment and recovery. As for any alcoholic or addict there is professional help available.
The Treatments for Prescription Drug Abuse
Treatment can begin with a supervised detoxification program at a medical clinic or a residential rehab facility. Long term addiction to prescription drugs can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms, and patients need to be supervised until they are stable.
After detox, prescription drug abuse treatment can begin in the safe, structured rehab environment. This combines two elements:
Firstly, there is therapeutic treatment which involves individual and group counselling. Therapy helps the patient explore the causes and actions of their addictive behaviour. They will be helped to enjoy a responsible life without succumbing to the need to take prescription drugs. Family therapy may also help the patient prepare for their return home.
Secondly, there is medical treatment which helps temper the effects of withdrawal from prescription drugs. The brain may suffer after-effects from the abuse which can be countered by medication. Also, cravings can be eased by a brief course of medication.
Studies show that a combination of therapy and medication achieves the best outcomes.
People with prescription drug issues may also be introduced to 12 Step fellowships that offer  support for when they return home from a rehabilitation centre. NA (Narcotics Anonymous) and PA (Pills Anonymous) offer meetings, written work and help from others who have similar issues with medication.
For expert and independent advice about treatments for prescription drug abuse please contact one of our rehab coordinators today. 

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