Rehab Help For Me

We Do Recover

Living life in active addiction is a lonely and difficult process. The constant effort it requires to keep up with the compulsion to drink or use is draining. The mounting consequences like angry family, problems at work, and the general unmanageability that accompanies this illness only serves to add to the misery.

We offer a totally confidential and non-judgmental service to help you discover that there is help & hope for you – that you can recover, and live a happy, useful & contended life.

Drug / Alcohol Addiction – Self Diagnosis

Questions are courtesy of Johns Hopkins University Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Finding The Right Rehab

Not all rehab centers are equal. Some have dreadful reputations for their poor clinical standards and uncomfortable living accommodation. Others are based on religious programs and have a very little scientific background.

Our expert consultants will discuss your needs with you and give you sensible advice on which treatment center you’re going to feel most comfortable at and still receive the treatment that you need.

The Good News

The best news we can give you is that coming clean doesn’t mean you have to be miserable.

Sure it’s difficult in the beginning, but as time goes on you’ll discover to your amazement that you’re living free of the compulsion to use. You’ll find that you’re enjoying your new life clean and sober and that you’re doing things you never thought possible.

Rehab isn’t just an opportunity to stop drinking or using drugs, it’s an opportunity to restructure your life in a way that can make you happier too!

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