Types of Intervention

An intervention is an opportunity for friends and family to try and convince somebody they care about that they need to stop drinking/drugging and be admitted to an addiction treatment centre. Because addicts and alcoholics are often in denial about their problem they are unable to see the extent of their problem. This makes it unlikely that they will ask for help on their own.

There are different sorts of intervention that you can stage to help somebody into an Addiction treatment centre:

Family intervention

family intervention is held by the immediate family of the addict/alcoholic. They will speak openly about how his/her using affects them and how they can see the drugs/alcohol damaging the individual. They will try to convince the addict/alcohol to be admitted into an Addiction treatment centre.

An emergency intervention is held when there appears to be immediate danger to the individual.

If the family and friends believe that the person is at high risk they may call for an emergency intervention to be performed at once.

This might be to admit the addict/alcohol into a detoxification (detox) centre under medical supervision prior to being treated at an Addiction treatment centre.

If a teenager has been abusing drugs or alcohol then a teen intervention is called for. Because teens are naturally rebellious this sort of intervention requires a more diplomatic approach so that the intervention does not become oppositional. There are specialist inpatient adolescent drug treatment centres in South Africa that cater for teens.

Workplace intervention

workplace intervention may be performed by people who work with somebody whose drinking/drugging is becoming a problem. It must be performed by colleagues that the individual feels close to and respects.

Before you stage an intervention you should consult with a professional in the addiction treatment industry. The goal of intervention should be to help the individual decide to enter a drug rehab centre. This is a life or death event and careful planning is necessary.

We Do Recover can help you make effective choices when deciding about which addiction treatment centre in South Africa or the UK is likely to best suit your loved one.

“Thank you for your excellent intervention services this weekend”

Hi Gareth

Thank you for your excellent intervention services this weekend. I’m sure we would never have had the positive results if you had not been involved. In fact I think we would have done a lot of the wrong things and not have had any results at all!

You were right about the fact that Susan is the weakest link and your education around co-dependency and what we could be doing as a family to provide a ‘unified front / all singing from the same hymn sheet’ was really helpful.  Instead of the angry resistance that we were expecting Henry agreed to enter treatment immediately, just as you had predicted!  This new approach to Henry’s addiction is already showing positive results and we hope that you will be available in the future if we need you to ensure we’re on the right track.

Henry is now 2 weeks into his rehab and has a whole new attitude. We will see.. I hope Henry continues to co-operate for now and that there will not be too much more drama because I am getting very tired of it all.

Jeremy is back in Cape Town and Steven left for France last night. I know this is the beginning of all the hard work for Henry and he will not like it and probably drop out. But maybe I’ll have a few more weeks to catch my breath before we have to get into action again!

Thank you again, and I’ll keep you posted in the future!

Kind regards

Dorothy S.

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