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Detox treatment is an integral part of rehabilitation from addiction. As rehab cannot take place without the addicted person being detoxified first, this is the start of rehabilitation from substance abuse or dependency.

It is necessary for an addict to go through a detoxification treatment before rehab can effectively take place.

What is Detox?

 Detoxification is the procedure of ridding the body of chemical substances and the residue that may remain in the body’s tissues. Detox is also the process of managing the withdrawal symptoms. Detoxification is also known as “cold turkey” due to the goose bumps that often take place during withdrawal. It is generally a difficult time that is physically draining for the patient.

Detox enables addicts to work on long term mental and physical symptoms. Without detoxification, drug residues may stay in the body and cause intense urges for long after using drugs.

How Long is Detox?

The duration and affordability of a drug or alcohol detox treatment differs according to each patient’s situation. Various factors will determine how long the detoxification will be, such variables as the length of time the specific drug has been used, the dosage of drugs used, the tolerance that the addicted patient has developed for the drug, any mixture of drugs used, as well as the addict’s medical and psychological state.

An affordable detox treatment is usually anything from a few days to a week. In some cases, specifically with Benzodiazepines Post Acute or protracted withdrawals can occour and a 12 week detox may be necessary in extreme cases. Another potentially complicated and dangerous drug to detox from is alcohol, an alcohol detox HAS to be clinically managed.

Get Drug Detox Help

It is not advisable to go through a drug detox on your own as it can be dangerous and is best managed with medical oversight. Professional staff trained in substance abuse need to be at hand, so it is best to attend an affordable detox treatment. These are usually found at rehab centres and are the beginning of rehabilitation.

Call us right now for professional and helpful advice on where to find affordable detox treatment.

What Does A Detox Consist Of?

Detoxification generally consists of the patient submitting to medical supervision for a few days while being given medication to prevent shaking and seizures during withdrawal. This usually occurs at a drug rehab or alcohol detox centre. A variety of medications are available for this and there are advantages and disadvantages in using each medication.

In the majority of cases there won’t be any problems during detox and everything will run smoothly. However, there are the rare occasions where people with severe addictions have an extreme withdrawal and complications can arise. It’s therefore important that even though you may be seeking an affordable detox treatment – that the quality of the medical and clinical care is up to scratch. Some of the risks of detoxification without proper medical supervision can include seizures so it is imperative that medical staff are supervising the drug or alcohol detox.

Many addicts do not realise how dangerous it can be to suddenly stop using chemical substances when they are addicted to them. For this reason treatment should be encouraged when they want to quit.

What to Look for in an Affordable Detox Treatment.

Some of the characteristics to look for in affordable detox treatment are trained medical staff, individual assessments on clients with unique patient plans developed for them, modern amenities, nutritious meals, empathetic staff, a tranquil environment, safety, security and privacy.  Detox is usually better when it takes place in an inpatient facility.

A follow up programme after detox should be offered to the client, including expert advice and guidance. This will usually be in the form of a rehabilitation programme.

When trying to quit drugs or alcohol, the best thing to do is to attend a detox programme that helps you to move on to rehab and a full recovery. Although, there are many expensive detox treatments available, they are not the only option.

Affordable detox treatment that is professional and reputable is also available. Contact WeDoRecover for help to locate a suitable detox programme in your area. You do not have to attempt this trying time alone when help is at hand.

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