Affordable Drug Addiction Treatment. Part 1.

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Did you know that most drug addicted people are pressured into rehab by their families and that this can actually have a positive effect on the treatment outcome?
Most people incorrectly assume that unless the drug addict enters a rehab willingly and engages the treatment process with open arms that it’ll be a waste of time and money. This is simply untrue.
It’s usually family that contact one of our drug addiction treatment consultants looking to help a family member. It’s critical to understand that due to the drug addiction the patient cannot clearly see their lives and needs that external push to get them into a rehabilitation centre.
It’s the task of the drug addiction treatment professionals to provide rehabilitation in such a manner as to help patients develop a greater awareness of the nature and severity of their dependency problem.
One key consideration when looking for a rehab is how affordable the drug addiction treatment is. Yes, the costs associated with alcohol and drug abuse is high, life threateningly high, but treatment affordability is a factor.
Medical Aids in South Africa and Medical Insurance in the UK and Europe will fund the bulk of the first month’s drug addiction treatment costs. The new gold standard for rehab lengths of treatment is 90 days, so even though treatment for drug and alcohol abuse can be costly, when compared to no treatment at all, it’s really much more affordable.
When looking for affordable drug addiction treatment there are a number of things to consider. The following factors increase rehabilitations efficacy:

For long-term results, the drug addiction rehab should cater to the needs of each individual. Not every drug abuser uses for the same reasons – there may be a number of underlying elements that need to be taken into account when treating someone for drug and alcohol abuse, a gambling addiction, eating disorder or sex addiction.
Waiting lists, which accompany many NHS and state-facilitated addiction rehabs, are not ideal. For the patient who is taking the first important step towards recovery from addiction, treatment should be readily available as soon as the addicted person wants to start it.
Behavioural therapy and psychological / psychiatric counselling should be offered in order to begin analysing why the person started drugging or drinking in the first place.
There are often underlying mental health issues that have influenced the addict to begin using; these problems should be incorporated into effective treatment for drug and alcohol abuse.
To successfully recover from drug addiction, the National Institute of Drug Addiction (NIDA) recommends treatment take place over a period of at least three months.
Detoxifying is the fundamental first step in beating addiction to alcohol and other drugs. However, just going through detoxification is normally not enough to keep the drug addict clean. Private addiction rehabs offer long-term, successful treatment methods – not just detox.
Detoxification facilities should have a holistic approach to treating people with addiction. There is no one correct way to treat an active drug abuser, and numerous treatment modalities should be used to better the outcome of the rehabilitation.

The only way to successfully recover from drug dependency, no matter what kind, is through a reputable addiction rehab program that covers various aspects of addictive behaviour.
It’s important for the drug addicted person to research the detoxification clinics available in their area in order to find the best and most suitable option for their specific needs.
Please contact us today if you or someone you love is addicted to alcohol or drugs. Our trained treatment counsellors will provide you with several options based on your specific needs and arrange an immediate referral and admission if necessary.
For help getting into the finest drug addiction treatment centre near you – please call or email us right now.

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