How to Find Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres in South Africa

We Do Recover

Here at We Do Recover, we realise the importance of finding the correct rehabilitation centre to help treat you or a loved one’s alcohol addiction.

Selecting the correct alcohol rehabilitation centre is vital and it may be a tricky task, so why not allow us to take that burden off your shoulders?

We provide access to the best alcohol rehabilitation centres in South Africa, so wherever you are, we can find a quality and highly professional rehab right on your doorstep.

Call us now, and our qualified addiction treatment consultants will ensure that the best rehabilitation centres will contact you immediately.

We will ensure that the addicted individual will enter an environment conducive to recovery. The rehabilitation centres we refer our patients to will surround them with people that have similar characteristics as themselves, for instance the individual will be placed with people who are of the same age and gender. This is all done to make the addict as comfortable as possible in treatment.

If you’re still unsure, here is a list of questions to ask rehabilitation centres before making your decision:

  • Ask them what accreditations and qualifications the staff members have and how they handle their patients who are troublesome and uncooperative. Also find out how many of those situations occur monthly.
  • Ask what the ratio of people who enter rehabilitation in relation to those who complete treatment is. This will give you a good idea on how effective and successful the rehabilitation centre is.
  • Also ask what the costs of rehabilitation are. It’s important to note that the cheapest rehabilitation might not be the best one, and the same goes for expensive ones. Therefore it’s important that you do your homework. We Do Recover offers trustworthy rehabilitation and allows your or a loved one’s medical aid to pay for the bulk of the costs of alcohol rehabilitation.

We pride ourselves in offering the best rehabilitation centres in South Africa, so call us now and our qualified Addictions Counsellor will gladly assist you.

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